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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Butterfly Garden Dubai

A 6,673 sqm of indoor and outdoor gardens filled with nature’s most beautiful winged creatures – butterflies – and colorful plants and flowers of all types, Butterfly Garden Dubai is where all beauty seekers should head.

Need to know more about why you should visit Butterfly Garden Dubai? Keep reading.

  1. The hidden gem of butterflies

Home to more than 15,000 butterflies of 45 different species from all continents, to say Butterfly Park Dubai is the region’s hidden gem of butterflies is not an understatement.

  1. Walk surrounded by butterflies

At Butterfly Garden Dubai, you’ll have a chance to walk around and watch butterflies rest on leaves feeding on the pathways!

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden is right next door

Butterfly Garden Dubai which consists of 10 custom-built domes is conceptualized by the same team behind the spectacular Dubai Miracle Garden – the massive oasis of floral beauty which is literally right next door.

  1. It’s open all-year-round

Butterfly Park Dubai is kept at a pleasant 18-25 degrees Celsius to provide a climate-controlled environment for visitors, butterflies, and plants making it the perfect day out all-year-round!

  1. Education and fun come hand-in-hand

Visitors of all ages head to the Educational Area at Butterfly Park Dubai to learn fun facts about butterflies and learn how they evolve through each stage through films.

  1. Butterfly Museum

It’s the place where you can find artwork created by the talented in-house artists of Butterfly Garden Dubai using real butterflies!

  1. Snacks & souvenirs

Fresh juice, coffee, and tasty treats, besides special butterfly souvenirs are all available at Butterfly Park Dubai.

  1. Easy-to-reach

Located in Al Barsha South 3, Dubai Land Area, Butterfly Park Dubai is easy to reach. Simply, take the Dubai Metro and stop at the Mall of Emirates metro station. Then, take a taxi or RTA bus no. 105, and it will directly take you to Dubai Miracle Garden in 15-20 minutes.

  1. Koi Pond

Fish-lovers will appreciate the lovely Koi Pond in Dome no. 2 in Butterfly Garden Dubai. Besides the butterflies, the soothing sound of running water and the orange, white, and gold Koi fish add an exquisite touch to the garden.

  1. Group packages

Butterfly Park Dubai offers bargain packages for groups of 3s, 4s, and 5s:

  • Group Package for 3
  • Full-day access
  • Group of 3
  • Discount up to 30%
  • Butterfly Garden Dubai ticket price: from AED 125 (Instead of AED 173)


  • Group Package for 4
  • Full-day access
  • Group of 4
  • Discount up to 35%
  • Butterfly Garden Dubai ticket price: from AED 150 (Save up to AED 80)


  • Group Package for 5
  • Full-day access
  • Group of 5
  • Discount up to 40%
  • Butterfly Garden Dubai ticket price: from AED 200 (Save up to AED 90)


To get a Butterfly Garden Dubai ticket for a group of 20+ guests, you’ll need to fill out a form on the website before booking. And to pay for a Butterfly Garden Dubai ticket, you can do it on the website as well.


Note: The general admission Butterfly Garden Dubai ticket starts from AED 55.

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