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Balance Board Types & Brands| a Quick Introduction

A balance board is a great multipurpose tool that helps improve core strength, balance, and overall fitness. From exercise fanatics and circus performers to kids with plenty of pent-up energy, a balance board is the simple, underrated piece of sports equipment you need to have a fun workout in less than a square meter!

Balance Board Types

Balance boards come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular balance board types are:

  1. The wobble board

If you’re looking for a balance board that tilts in all directions, go for the wobble board. The circle or semi-circle top of the wobble board, in addition to its semi-spherical bottom, provides a wide range-of-motion for this type of balance board. The wobble board is popular among fitness trainers for being of moderate difficulty and range of motion. Also, squats and leg lifts on a wobble board add a little twist to such regular moves.

  1. The rocker board

For a challenging balance board, the rocker board is a perfect choice. The rocker board is difficult to use due to its design. As the rocker board rests on a wheel instead of a stable surface, this means this balance board provides two simultaneous challenges; the motion of the wheel and the tilting motion of the board itself. Obviously, with such a challenging difficulty level, the rocker board is for skilled balance boarders.

Balance Board Brands


Brands differ according to use and age. If you’re a sporty adult on the lookout for a sturdy balance board, try out the Simply Fit Board. And if you want your kid to join you balance boarding, go for the best kids balance board in the market; the Wobbel Board.

  1. The Simply Fit Board

With the Simply Fit Board, you’ll get to engage your core for a few minutes a day at the convenience of your home. Available in four vibrant colors, the Simply Fit Board comes with a DVD and a user manual so you can instantly start your workout. If you’re a beginner, all you have to do is stand on the Simply Fit Board and twist. And as you may find in the instructional DVD, the Simply Fit Board is used in advanced workouts, too, as in twisted bridges, spider planks, donkey kicks, squats, screaming squats, and tricep kickbacks.

The features and benefits of the Simply Fit Board:

  • Supports up to 400lbs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stores away easily
  • Tones abs, legs, and core
  • Improves balance
  • DVD includes six exercise routines


  1. The Wobbel Board

The slogan of the Wobbel Board is “Invitation to Grow” which explains why kids remain attached to this brand of kids balance board as they grow up. Hence, adults and even the elderly find the Wobbel Board a leisurely device.

On the Wobbel Board, balance and strength are stimulated playfully, yet efficiently. The Wobbel Board is made with many layers of the best European beech wood, stacked, and pressed under high pressure. The uniquely designed curve of the Wobbel Board makes it a very stable kids balance board. The Original, Pro, and Starter models of the Wobbel Board are meant for kids. The latter may also be used by adults up to 100 kilograms, while the XL and 360 models of the Wobbel Board can hold 200 kilograms easily.

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