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surfing spots in dubai

Famous Surfing Spots in Dubai

Surfing in the UAE has gained much popularity as a sport over the years. There is no shortage of majestic waves and swells to ride here, but actually numerous places to surf in the UAE. Whether you’re a pro surfer or just a beginner, surf destinations in Dubai give you an incredibly unique playing field […]

Best Kayaking Spots in UAE

Looking for the best kayaking destinations in UAE? We got you! Whether you want to go kayaking with incredible mountain views, or paddling past the iconic Atlantis hotel through Dubai Marina, here you’ll find some of the top favorite places to go kayaking in UAE… It is all about stunning beaches and lagoons and plenty […]


Sailboats Adventure in Dubai

What true sailors would say about sailing is that it’s a spiritual journey. Surely, the sport requires a certain level of fitness and mental sharpness, but the fact that it’s just you, the surrounding waters, and the sweet soft breeze brings on an indescribable serenity one ought to experience at least once in their lifetime. […]

scuba diving dubai

Scuba Diving Dubai | Top Scuba Diving Destinations & Gear

Dubai is an all-year-round holiday season destination. For the travelers who seek city vibrancy and buzz, Dubai is far from disappointing. And for those who opt to dig deeper so as to discover what lies beneath the glamour, Dubai masterfully delivers. It’s time to up your game with fabulous scuba diving Dubai destinations! Atlantis, the […]

How to Choose and Buy Diving Lights

A dive torch or a diving flashlight is an essential piece of equipment for scuba divers. Those who are into deep diving or cave diving will tell you that an underwater torch or an underwater flashlight will help you discover the treasures hidden in deep waters. Below are a few points to bear in mind […]

How to Buy a Speargun

  A speargun or a spearfishing gun is a tool that is used to hunt fish while snorkeling or diving underwater. Unlike line fishing, spearfishing is a sport that allows you to choose your prey (i.e., the fish) you wish to eat for dinner. To be able to catch the fish you want, you need […]

Water Scooter Types & Models | a Quick Introduction

You’re probably familiar with jet skiing. Jet skiing is a popular water-based activity that is both thrilling and fun, and above that; very easy to practice. The terms jet ski and water scooter are used interchangeably. On other occasions, they refer to two different apparatuses. To know the difference, keep on reading! What are jet […]

Scuba Diving Equipment | A Checklist

Scuba diving is a popular underwater activity that allows you to explore the hidden treasures of oceans and seas. To go scuba diving, first, you’ll need to get a grasp on the technicalities of diving, then lay your hands on the necessary diving equipment. Before you buy diving equipment, do a little research. It will […]

Different Surfboard Types for Bodyboarding

To many water-lovers, riding the waves on a surfboard is an unrivaled, freeing experience, and they’re not to blame. With surfboarding, you only need water, wind, and a reliable surfboard to have a good time walking on water and even flying above it! It’s an opportunity not to miss, but one that requires a good […]

The Best Wetsuits for Triathlon | Tips & Brands

If you’re used to swimming, diving, or surfing in cold waters, a well-insulated wetsuit protects you from hypothermia and helps keep your body warm. But if you’re training for a triathlon, then it’s time to keep your regular wetsuits aside! With a triathlon wetsuit, there are several factors to consider besides warmth. We’re here to […]

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