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Different Surfboard Types for Bodyboarding

To many water-lovers, riding the waves on a surfboard is an unrivaled, freeing experience, and they’re not to blame. With surfboarding, you only need water, wind, and a reliable surfboard to have a good time walking on water and even flying above it! It’s an opportunity not to miss, but one that requires a good deal of preparation.

Here’s what you need to know about the different surfboard types, understand the hype over each, and decide which one to choose.

But first, let’s get a glimpse of what surfboarding is.

What is surfboarding?

Surfboarding is a water-based sport practiced in oceans and seas. The surfboarder starts at a distance away from the shore and moves towards it by either standing on a surfboard or lying on it (i.e., bodyboarding), using the wind-driven waves for propulsion.

How is bodyboarding different from surfboarding?

Besides the different techniques in riding the surfboard, with bodyboarding, you’re safer and less physically and mentally exhausted, for bodyboarding is less demanding and is easier to learn than surfboarding. Another advantage is that the boards used in bodyboarding are lighter and easier to carry.

How to choose a bodyboarding surfboard?

Shape-wise, a bodyboarding surfboard has a wide point further forward to support the upper body or a lower wide point if the rider is to practice the drop-knee stance. A bodyboarding surfboard that combines both wide points is the best choice if you’ll be switching between both positions often.

Can I go bodyboarding on an electric surfboard?

Yes, with an electric surfboard you’ll ride across the surface of the water with a motor. Although an electric surfboard is a bit pricey, the expensiveness of which reflects in performance. The powerful motor of an electric surfboard requires larger batteries that all add up to the price. Even what is more expensive than an electric surfboard is the electric bodyboarding jet. But if you’re on a tight budget, an electric surfboard would do the job.

Does a foil surfboard or a hydrofoil surfboard work for bodyboarding?

Several experienced surfers have tried bodyboarding using a foil surfboard and a hydrofoil surfboard. Yes, it is doable. A foil surfboard or a hydrofoil surfboard is, basically, a surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water. Such design allows the board to leave the surface of the water at various speeds. The functionality of a foil surfboard or a hydrofoil surfboard is different from the regular surfboard; thus, the speed and risk are greater. This is why a foil surfboard or a hydrofoil surfboard should be handled with caution – especially – with bodyboarding.

Tip: always be sure you’re riding in a remote location with few around you.

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