Mares Sling Guns Viper Pro 110 Cm


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New 2013 Mares Viper Pro underwater crossbow gun. A completely new model. Highest quality workmanship and several technical solutions that have not previously been used in the manufacture of underwater crossbows. Thanks to this, the gun turned out to be powerful, accurate and easy to use.
The trigger mechanism is steel, processed using a technical laser. The sensitivity of the trigger and the distance from the handle to the trigger are adjustable. The line release is also made of steel. The included harpoon is Tahitian type with a diameter of 6.5mm. Ring rods with a diameter of 19 mm. Rope hook. The Mares Viper Pro crossbow is equipped with a Mares Vertical Spiro reel. The crossbow is available in four sizes: 75, 90, 100,110 cm.

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