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Naish Water Sports Gear

For over thirty years, Naish has been a top water-sport gear provider and still is one. The best engineers craft the Naish equipment to serve the needs of water sport adventurers. The end product is water-sport gear that is both high-end and functional to suit the individual needs of users of all skill levels.

Below is a list of some of Naish’s water-sport gear and the reason why you should go for each.

  1. All-around Naish SUP boards

The all-around Naish SUP boards include the MANA, ALANA, and NALU lines.

The MANA Naish SUP boards appeal to a wide range of paddlers from those seeking an easy cruise, or a yoga session amid the waters, all the way to adventurers looking for a SUP board with exceptional maneuverability.

With a feminine flair to it, and a relatively lightweight,  Naish has launched the Naish SUP ALANA line for women. The Naish SUP ALANA brings elegant designs for paddlers interested in water recreational and sports activities.

For cruising and cross-stepping, the NALU, however, is the perfectly versatile SUP.

  1. Touring Naish SUP boards

This line offers SUP boards for touring and easy gliding without the need for high maneuvering effort. Thanks to their stability, beginners find the touring Naish SUP boards easily accessible, and so do professionals who carry plenty of gear.

  1. Race Naish SUP boards

The JAVELIN Naish SUP boards are designed to perform in flat-water races where waves are calm, glides are often, and speed along with quick maneuverability is needed. Lightweight riders can choose the extra narrow JAVELIN Naish SUP board for maximum efficiency and speed.

For more skilled racers, the MALIKO Naish SUP boards are a better option. Being an award-winning model and high-ranking in international championships demands a skilled racer who isn’t afraid of speed and who knows how to control their board.

  1. Surf Naish SUP boards

HOKUA, MAD DOG, and NALU are all surf Naish SUP board designs for varying surfing uses.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced wave rider, go for the HOKUA. It will help you make the most out of every glide whatever the weather conditions are.

The MAD DOG, though, is for risk-taking paddlers who wish to push limits all while maintaining stability. So, if you’re an aggressive wave rider, MAD DOG is your call; whereas, NALU is a better fit for light riders seeking a slightly smaller board size with optimal responsiveness.

  1. Naish foil boards

The seven Naish foil boards provide a variety of designs and functionalities.

The Naish HOVER WING/SUP with its compact outline suits wing surfing, SUP foil boarding, or SUP downwind foil boarding.

The Naish foil HOVER INFLATABLE is the easiest to travel with, roll up, and store while the Naish foil HOVER SUP can be used with or without a foil.

For surfers seeking compact foil boards with plenty of volume, the HOVER SURF ASCEND CARBON ULTRA, the 7’0″ CARBON ULTRA, and the HOVER SURF ASCEND GS Naish foil boards are excellent choices.

However, the joker of the Naish foil boards is the HOVER CROSSOVER. It combines a multitude of board sports with 4-in-1 performance. If you want a Naish foil board that works perfectly well in SUP, SUP foiling, windsurf foiling, and wing surfing, go for the HOVER CROSSOVER.

  1. Naish wing surfer

Wing surfing is a blend of sail windsurfing, kite surfing, and foil surfing. The Naish wing surfer will let you practice all these sports at once! With the Naish wing surfer, your Naish SUP or Naish foil board is transformed into a whole new water-sport gear.

The S25 Naish wing surfer takes the original Naish wing surfer design into the future with a variety of six sizes to choose from. Besides, large windows are added to the S25 Naish wing surfer to provide a safer and more engaging ride for riders of all skill levels.

  1. Naish kite

The Naish kite comes in two models; the Naish PIVOT and the Naish PIVOT LE. The Naish PIVOT is known for its versatility and performance. When it comes to jumping ability, the Naish PIVOT is capable of incredible wave riding, response, and pivot turns. The same applies to the Naish PIVOT LE except for its reduced diameter which gives the classic feel of the Naish PIVOT extra dash and speed. You may choose from nine different sizes of Naish PIVOT depending on your weight.

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