NOLAN HELMET B902X Bluetooth XLITE Series-


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Nolan N-Com X-Lite B902X Premium Bluetooth System Helmet
Dedicated to those who demand top performance and like to ride in the company of others, the N-Com B902 X Series offers the highest audio quality and excellent helmet integration. Thanks to the Multitasking Audio function, you can listen to audio from different sources simultaneously. The Auto ON/OFF, Multilingual Voice Announcements and Smart Conference functions make it a top-of-the-range intercom suitable for those who prefer long distances.
B902, the connection between the motorcyclist and his passions.
Compatibility with: 
  • X-1005/U.C.; X-903 U.C.; X-403 GT U.C.
  • X-1004/U.C.; X-1003; X-1002; X-903; X-702/U.C.;
PERFECT INTEGRATION –You will not find better integration: B901L was designed and developed specifically to be assembled on compatible Nolan helmets. Installation is simple, fast and user-friendly. The helmet retains its original comfort.
ERGONOMIC KEYPAD – Thin, built into the helmet, 4-button keypad. The special ergonomic design of the keypad allows an easy use, even when wearing biker gloves
HIGH AUDIO QUALITY – The joint development of intercom and helmet ensures ideal positioning of earphones and microphone. The audio quality is excellent, the conversation clear and pleasant even at high speeds, and background noise is reduced.
SAFETY AT FIRST PLACE – All Nolangroup helmets pre-set for the N-Com system are type-approved with the communication system installed, consequently they comply with regulation ECE/ONU 22-05

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