Nolan N606 C. Checa Replica 49 Full Face Helmet Flat



  • Ultrawide Visor: The large surface of the S/R (Scratch Resistant) visor makes it possible to have a broader view, also lateral, thus highly increasing active safety.
  • Pinlock Fog-Resistant Inner Visor: Supplied (according to the segment) and with silicone-sealed profile (FSB – Full Silicone Border). Thanks to the exclusive patented adjusting system adopted by the Nolangroup, the stretch of the Pinlock inner visor can be adjusted, acting from the exterior of the visor, without the necessity for dismantling.
  • The exclusive “AirBooster Technology” upper system ensures optimal ventilation where the rider’s head most requires: the air is extracted from the upper air intake and forced into the most critical areas, avoiding any dispersion, to guarantee maximum comfort also in extreme riding conditions.

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  • Clima Comfort Inner Comfort Padding with Eco-Friendly Fabrics: A new design made with eco-friendly fabrics based on the use of 100% regenerated fibers sourced from the post-consumer recovery of nylon.
  • This helmet has been certified in both DOT and ECE standards. However for certain markets/territories, you may only see either DOT or ECE labels on the helmet.
  • This system has been designed to provide comfort for wearers of glasses. It allows space in the cheek pads for temples to quickly and easily be obtained. It is reversible, so the cheek pads can be returned to their original state. The cheek pads feature inner padding in expanded foam which can be removed from the fabric covering, making washing easier.
  • The Nolan N60-6 is a great full face helmet by Nolan for Urban/Street riders. Compared to any other style helmets, full face helmets provide the best overall protection as they cover you from top to chin. This is why you only ever see full face helmets on the track. When deciding on a new helmet and safety is your top priority you cannot go wrong with a full face helmet.

    A helmet’s job first and foremost is to provide protection. Constructed from Polycarbonate, this Black N60-6 offers excellent protection and performance without having to break the bank. The chinstrap is an important part of the helmet’s effectiveness in a crash and It is also the part that you interact with the most when putting on and taking off the helmet. The N60-6 features a Micrometric buckle. This is a safe and user friendly buckle, it allows for easy adjustments and unlike any other style of buckles you can actually operate this buckle with your gloves on. Of course all of our helmets are certified and road legal for European roads as this helmet is ECE 22.06 approved. This safety rating is also road legal in many other countries like Australia and Canada.

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