Nolan N606 Special 12 Metal


  •  Nolan N60-6 looks A helmet is arguably the most expressive piece of equipment a motorcyclist can wear. Full face helmets in particular come in a wide range of color options and even replicas () of your favorite MotoGP riders.
  •  If you’re looking for a black headset, this particular version of the N60-6 is a great choice! It has a Mono-Color design and a glossy paint finish.
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Why choose the Nolan N60-6 Special 12 Metal Black? The Nolan N60-6 is a great full face helmet from Nolan for urban/street cyclists. Compared to all other styles of helmets, full face helmets offer the best overall protection because they cover you from top to chin. This is why you only see full face helmets on the track. When you’re deciding on a new helmet and safety is your top priority, you can’t go wrong with a full face helmet. If this N60-6 is not the helmet you are looking for, don’t worry, we have plenty of other Nolan () full face motorcycle helmets in our collection. Safety features of the N60-6 A helmet The job of the helmet is above all to provide protection. Constructed from polycarbonate, this black polycarbonate N60-6 The chin strap is an important part of the helmet’s effectiveness in a crash and it is also the part you interact with most when putting the helmet on and taking it off. The N60-6 has a micrometric loop. Micrometric Of course, all our helmets are certified and approved for European roads because this helmet is ECE 22.06 approved. This safety rating is also road legal in many other countries like Australia and Canada. The N60-6 Comfort Besides safety, comfort is the key to any good helmet, this N60-6 has a ventilation system with 2 exhaust ports, 2 intake ports that keeps you fresh and cool . In addition, the helmet is equipped with a removable, glasses-friendly, washable interior. The polycarbonate shell makes the helmet weigh 100 g and our customers rate this helmet to have an intermediate fit

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