Nolan X-Lite X-803 RS 56 Ultra Carbon Wheelie Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


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  • NERS – Nolan Emergency Unloading System: This system, whose patent is pending, allows rescue personnel to remove the helmet pads while the motorcyclist is wearing it, simply by pulling on the red straps placed on the front area of the pads themselves.
  • Rotational Impact Test: The X-803 RS ULTRA CARBON has passed, in the Newton Srl laboratory, tests relating to rotational impacts to which competition helmets used, among others, in MotoGP and SBK races are subjected.
  • The patented adjustment system allows you to adjust the pull of the Pinlock, acting from the outside of the visor, without having to disassemble it. The silicone profile allows, firstly, to increase the air space between the outside and the inside, thus further reducing the risk of fogging and, secondly, to reduce the risk of scratches on the visor.
  • Aerodynamic Spoiler Racetrack (RAS): It is an aerodynamic appendage developed with the contribution of the official pilots Nolan and X-lite, as well as the result of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) studies and wind tunnel tests.
  • Adjustable Stability Device (ASD): If the RAS is removed from the helmet, the top and side flaps, available in the box, must be snapped into place. These make up the ASD (Adjustable Stability Device), which is an aerodynamic spoiler with an adjustable profile.
  • The inner comfort padding is made with activated carbon filaments, a thermoregulatory, antistatic and dissipating element. The cap, with an innovative mesh construction, facilitates the diffusion of air on the top of the head, thus keeping it cool and dry. The internal padding also consists of side cheek pads and lining strips, all fully removable and washable.
  • The internal foam padding of the cheek pads is designed in such a way that it offers uniformity of pressure and consistency of performance over time compared to that offered by traditional padding. In addition, they can be removed from the respective fabric covers to facilitate the washing of the latter.

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