Selle Italia Saddle Novus Evo Boost Superflow


  • Composite shell
    The saddle shell is made of a high quality plastic composite material which contains 10% carbon fibers.
  • Fibra-Tek
    The special microfiber saddle cover is extremely resistant and durable with a very low weight.

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ELLE ITALIA saddle Novus EVO Boost Superflow

The Novus family, founded in 1994, went through numerous developments until they reached the new Novus Boost Evo, a saddle that enriches the range of the Selle Italia Performance segment.
Combining high performance with a strong focus on comfort, the Novus Boost Evo is only available in a large L3 size because, along with its wavy shape, it helps to better support the sciatic bone. Its wide superflow relief channel helps to better distribute the sitting pressure on the sit bones. Especially on long trips and in a flat, aerodynamic seating position, this shape brings significantly more comfort.

The central hole in the Superflow makes it possible to reduce the pressure from the central area and benefit from more comfort when pedaling.

BOOST form
The Flite Boost adopts the classic “flat” shape that has always characterized the FLITE family in order to guarantee the usual performance and maximum stability when pedaling together with a more compact shape (250 mm length).

Technical specifications:

intended use : racing bike
Saddle shell: carbon composite
Frame: Titan TI 316
Saddle cover: Fibra-Tek, microfiber
Length: 245 mm
Width: 145 mm
Strut diameter: around 7 mm
Adjustment range saddle frame: 60 mm
Max. permissible tightening torque: 8 Nm
Finish: synthetic leather


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