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Scuba Diving Equipment | A Checklist

Scuba diving is a popular underwater activity that allows you to explore the hidden treasures of oceans and seas. To go scuba diving, first, you’ll need to get a grasp on the technicalities of diving, then lay your hands on the necessary diving equipment. Before you buy diving equipment, do a little research. It will help you learn more about the best diving equipment in the market and what you’ll exactly need for such an adventure.

Scuba diving equipment checklist:

  1. Mask & snorkel

Human eyes can’t see well underwater, especially in saltwater. A diving mask will not only protect your eyes but guarantee a clear vision of your surroundings. Why buy diving equipment, and why buy a diving mask in particular?

When you think of it, you don’t really want a rental mask that has been worn by hundreds of people. Apparently, it’s not hygienic. So is the case with a snorkel. Buying a snorkel is suggested, as well, especially for beginners.

  1. Wetsuit or drysuit

A wetsuit or a dry suit is an indispensable piece of diving gear that should be picked carefully according to water temperature. Use a wetsuit when diving in warmer waters and a drysuit in colder waters. Wetsuits lock a layer of water around the body while a drysuit – as the name suggests – keeps the body totally dry. Always buy diving equipment and a suit that is properly fitting and well-snug.

  1. Gloves

A rule of thumb is to go for durable diving gear. The same applies to diving gloves. Like a drysuit, diving gloves will keep your hands dry and safe from skin injuries as you explore tricky diving environments.

  1. Fins

Another vital piece of your diving equipment is your fins. It gives you the required speed and agility to swim in the water. There are two types of fins: open heel and full foot. When choosing a pair of fins, or any diving gear, go for efficiency and comfort.

  1. Buoyancy compensator

A buoyance compensator is a vest that keeps you from floating up to the surface or sinking to the bottom. Air can be added or released upon your preference. Some buoyancy compensators work as diving gear with pockets and straps to secure all your essential diving equipment.  

  1. Tank & regulator

This piece might be the most confusing when you buy diving equipment because the options all seem alike. Tanks are, generally, made of aluminum or steel. You can rent both before investing in one. And remember to buy a regulator. This piece of diving gear is what allows you to breathe underwater. Pick a regulator that gives you the highest level of performance and comfort.

  1. Depth gauge, pressure gauge, and compass

A depth gauge is a diving gear that records the current and maximum depth reached during a dive. A pressure gauge displays the amount of gas remaining in the tank while the compass is, obviously, vital for proper navigation. These three pieces of diving equipment are available in analog and digital forms.

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