Sublue Aquascooter Navbow +


  • The WhiteShark Navbow + is a premium scooter built on top of all the superior features WhiteShark Navbow.
  • With a maximum depth of use of 40 m, a maximum speed of 2 m / s and a total life service 60 minutes, it has 3 additional speed levels and allows you to operate with one hand.
  • Also, in Navbow + a lot of real-time display data has been added such as depth, temperature, direction, mode battery operation, etc.
  • It can automatically record the user’s underwater activity data, the APP SublueGo creates dive logs to share on social media and chat with friends.
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OLED More indicators
Intelligent control
Additional security
Social media sharing
Underwater photography platform
3-step speed switch
Maximum speed 2 m / s
Battery life 60 minutes
Water resistance 40 m
One-handed operation

New functional OLED display with more indicators

OLED screen displays real-time data such as battery life, speed and new added functions such as direction, depth, temperature.


New feature – intelligent control via app

SublueGo app with new feature settings, security and intelligence.

    1. Depth / temperature switch, more convenient;
    2. Adjusting the geomagnetic declination improves the compass accuracy;
    3. Device calibration, scooter compass and depth sensor will be calibrated at the same time;
    4. Fresh water / sea water, set the function according to the aquatic environment to improve the accuracy depth display;
    5. Setting the depth warning when the depth is greater than the value you set, the device will send alerts: stop working + on-screen alert, press multi-function switch to release after 5 seconds;

Note: When the depth exceeds 40m, the scooter will stop working + on-screen warning + beep. Press the multi-function switch to release it after 10 seconds. When the scooter exceeds the specified maximum depth (40 m), the device will constantly send beeps and you should return as soon as possible to a given depth.

    1. Low battery return reminder ? user can set the battery charge value, to remind you to return, and when the remaining battery power is less than the set value, the device will send alert: On-screen alert and press the multifunction switch to start reminder interface.
    2. Low battery reminder. This function is triggered when the battery level is below critical the level of 30% and 20%, the scooter will send out sound warnings.

Note: Low battery reminder means the scooter stops working + audible warning


New Feature – Security

In case of exceeding the depth (in the application you can set the indicated depth, the maximum depth is 40 meters), low battery, equipment malfunction and other abnormal conditions, internal equipment system will reasonably assess the risk and trigger multiple security alarms such as screen flashing, buzzer and disconnection ensures that diving is always safe.


New Feature – Dive Logs & Social Sharing

According to the personal movement track, the app will create dive logs including depth and temperature, date, location, geolocation and personality image that can be posted on social networks and interact with friends.

New feature – highly effective anti-corrosion technology, durability and reliability?

Increasing corrosion resistance iteratively facilitates maintenance and extends equipment life.



In the box

1 * underwater scooter

3 * User’s manual

1 * lithium battery

1 * charger stand

1 * Lead Weighted Counterweight Bracket (3)

1 * adapter and wire

1 * anti-loss strap

1 * D-ring buckle


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  1. Mera

    The Sublue Aquascooter Navbow+ is an excellent underwater scooter. It is easy to use, powerful, and provides an exciting underwater adventure.

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