EVOC Handlebar Pack Boa® 2,5 | carbon grey


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EVOC Handlebar Pack Boa® 2.5 | carbon grey

Whether it’s a round after work, a day tour or a bike adventure, this handlebar bag creates additional storage space in no time at all. This means that your wallet, rain jacket and mini pump are always well packed and easily accessible.
EVOC likes to go unconventional and introduces the reliable and practical Boa® twist lock to the handlebar bag segment. This not only allows quick mounting on different handlebar diameters, but also ensures vibration-free attachment. Nothing wobbles even on rough slopes.
Another special feature is the roll closure. This adjusts the volume to the amount of content and avoids annoying rattling, after all you want to enjoy nature and not hear your luggage. In addition, you can open the bag from both sides and get to the equipment you are looking for faster. Of course, everything is beautifully watertight, so that even bad weather does not reduce the enjoyment of the tour.

Technical specifications:

Material: not specified
Mounting system: Boa® twist lock on the handlebars
Dimensions (L x H x D): 12.5 x 30 x 12.5 cm
Volume: 2.5 liters
waterproof: yes
Reflector: yes
Colour: dark grey

Weight according to the manufacturer: 250g
Weight weighed:

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