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4 Things to Look For When Buying a New Hiking Backpack

Never underestimate the importance of the right backpack. It can either make your adventure a breath of fresh air or a nightmare, and it all comes down to a few crucial features. Today, we present four vital basic requirements to look for in your new hiking backpack.

  1. Organization & accessibility

Organizing a hiking backpack is very different from packing for travel. The first needs putting more thought into the items packed and how to organize each for easy reach. Experienced hikers would tell you that it’s best to pack the bottom of your backpack first as you load the center with the heavier items, then stash the essentials on top. This means your bag should provide ample interior room and enough accessible pockets in just the right places as in side panels, top lid, and J-shaped openings.

  1. Size & weight

A rule of thumb is that your loaded hiking backpack shouldn’t weigh more than 20% of your body weight. If it’s an outdoor backpack for day hiking, it should weigh 10% or less of your body weight. You may want to consider getting a light hiking backpack, but bear in mind these lightweight backpacks suit better shorter trips or run hikes. Most heavier backpacks, on the other hand, include extra features such as padded shoulder straps and durable material. When it comes to size, it all depends on the things you aim to pack.

  1. Water resistance

Your outdoor backpack needs to be at least water-resistant if there is a high chance of it getting wet. Water-resistant backpacks hold up against water, but at some point, water will get through. If you’re hoping for full protection against water, go for a waterproof hiking backpack. It’s right in its name, waterproof means water won’t get through the bag. These bags are usually costly, but you can always get a water-resistant backpack and keep your belongings in dry bags inside.

  1. Padding

If you opt for padding, the backpack for hiking won’t be as lightweight as you would wish. Hiking involves prolonged periods of walking. An adjustable, padded hip belt makes it easier. Your shoulders may need extra padding too to alleviate the pressure which makes padded shoulder straps a good idea as well. For back comfort, a lumbar-shaped hiking backpack is easy on the back eliminating back pain as much as possible and allowing air to move and keep you cool in warmer weather.

Brand recommendations

Nothing can go wrong with Lowe Alpine. Whether it’s the 25 L or the large hiking backpack style, the product is known to be heavy-duty with good storage options, and it takes years and years till it starts to wear off. Osprey is another sustainable hiking backpack brand made of high-quality materials that withstand rugged terrain. If you’re looking for good quality at an affordable price, check out Vango brand as well as Camelbak which provides great convenience in compact designs.

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