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5 Reasons Why Diving Lights Are Essential for Underwater Adventure

When you think of scuba diving, you think of adventure and essential gear such as suits, tanks, BCDs, and regulators. Too bad diving lights may get overlooked. As far as diving accessories are concerned, a dive torch is a must-have at all underwater times.

Here’s why:

  1. Full daytime visual experience

If you’re up for daytime diving, you may think you’re good without a dive light. An experienced diver would tell you everything starts turning grey as you hit 30 feet underwater— even during the day. This is why divers always carry diving lights on their journeys. They’re easy to carry. They don’t weigh heavy and provide effective illumination.

Even if the sun is shining bright, with the help of a diving flashlight, you’ll be able to see the dazzling colors of the underwater world better.

  1. Visibility at nighttime

Night divers are advised not just to carry one underwater flashlight but two. The extra underwater torch is for safety in case the primary one is lost. It also makes sense to have secondary diving lights to provide maximum visibility underwater in the nighttime; the brighter, the better. Always pick a dive torch with a bright light output and a wide beam.

Diving at night doesn’t mean deprivation from seeing the wonders of the water.

  1. Unexpected low visibility

Even if you have experience in low-visibility diving, unexpected murkiness may take you by surprise. In such situations, diving lights are saviors. Low visibility isn’t only about unplanned water conditions. The deeper you dive, the more unexpected cracks and crevices you may encounter. Who knows? Maybe you find a cave or some wrecks that you knew nothing about.

A reliable scuba light makes navigation possible.

  1. Signaling friends

A scuba flashlight is crucial to your safety underwater. Signaling your diving buddies using a diving torch light helps them locate you if you get lost or need help. Diving lights are also used to communicate messages such as “Okay” or “Attention” and not just for emergencies.

A newbie diver learns all the necessary hand and scuba light signals during training.

  1. Video and photography

Aesthetically speaking, underwater video and photography are tons better with diving lights. Without an underwater flashlight, the subjects of your video/photo will lack color. Professional photographers and videographers have professional lighting equipment, but if you’re an amateur, you can still work with a high-lumen waterproof flashlight for diving. Its beam should be bright, intense, and narrow.

What are some of the best dive lights?

Among the best scuba diving light brands are Mares, Hollis, Light and Motion, and Princeton. Be sure to check the lumen intensity and battery type before you make a purchase.

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