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5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a New Snorkel Mask

Man has spent years on an expedition from high skies to vast lands,  but the water world remains a whole riddle in its own right! The allure of the underwater mystery is abundant but too bad we humans aren’t made up for breathing down there. Your snorkel mask can help you get a taste of what a sea creature feels like, but first, there are five things to consider before you buy a new one.

  1. Type

You might think you’d need one mask for both diving and snorkeling. The truth is, not all masks work for both. So, it’s better to invest in separate equipment. Most beginners prefer the full-face snorkel mask as it allows breathing through the nose instead of using the mouth only. The only disadvantage of a full-face mask is its bulkiness, but it shouldn’t matter if you have enough room in your bag.

  1. Quality

It’s easy to go for inexpensive gear, but we’re here to tell you that price means quality when it comes to your snorkel set. We suggest you only buy snorkel mask and gear from reliable sources to avoid counterfeit products which can be dangerous to use. A silicone high-quality snorkel mask is great for repetitive use as long as you store it away from the sun and clean it regularly.

  1. Fit

Once received from the snorkel mask shop, try the mask on your face without putting the strap around your head. The skirt (the part that outlines the frame and lens) should lay flat against your face without it being too close to your eyes, nor should it be too wide close to the side and up the hairlines.

Then push the snorkel mask in a little bit. Your nose should have plenty of room without hitting the pocket as water pressure will press the mask further onto your face.

  1. Snorkel

Whether you use your snorkel a lot or only for short swims, a good one certainly makes things easier. Make sure your mouthpiece fits comfortably. Then, test the tube for easy breathing. The larger the diameter of the tube, the more air it provides. Finally, double-check the attachment system to your mask strap and adjust the ring/clip for your comfort.

Snorkels are often sold separately, but to save yourself the hassle, you can get the whole set or combo (i.e., snorkel mask + snorkel) at once.

  1. Fins

Like snorkel mask types, snorkeling fins come in many options. Comfort is vital when choosing ones. Whether they’re closed-foot or open-foot, split or paddle, long or short, the first thing you should ensure is ordering the right size. If you’re worried about getting the wrong-sized fins, you can go for the open-foot as they are adjustable.

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