Dynamic Nord DL1200 Dive Light


  • White LED floodlight with a maximum power of 1200 lumens, a light angle of 9° and a color temperature of 6500K.
  • It has four output levels with a duration of: low 300 min, medium 170 min, high 110 min and SOS 230 min.
  • It is our lightest spotlight made of aluminum; its weight under water is 159 grams (with battery) and 279 grams out of the water (with battery).
  • It has a length of 154.7 mm, a diameter of the head of the light of 41.2 mm and the body of the light of 29 mm. It is waterproof to 100 m deep.


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  • White LED (colour temperature: 6500 K)/1200 lumens
  • Output levels: low, medium, high, SOS
  • Operating time: low 300 min, medium 170 min, high 110 min, SOS 230 min
  • Light beam angle: 9°
  • Battery type: Li-ion battery 18650
  • Waterproof: up to 100 meters
  • Underwater weight: approx. 159 g (with battery)
  • Weight out of water: 233 g without battery, 279 g with battery
  • Measurements: length: 154.7 mm; diameter of light head: 41.2 mm; diameter of light body: 29 mm;
  • Composition: aluminum
  • LRC: LRC 65

  • Fastening rope: Lanyard
  • Ignition system: magnetic ring switch

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