Mares Dive Computer New Matrix

  • This impressive watch-style dive computer has much to offer:
  • a high resolution display.
  • tilt-compensated digital compass with bearing function.
  • graphic profile during the dive.
  • multigas algorithm and more, take a look!
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Mares New Matrix Dive Computer

Mares, is taking another step into the future with the Matrix Dive Computer. A full-dot matrix high resolution display, tilt- compensated digital compass with bearing function, graphic profile during the dive and multi-gas algorithm make Matrix arguably the most impressive Mares watch-style dive computer ever. A choice of digital or analog time of day display, second time zone and a precision stopwatch, all in a sleek metal housing make it the coolest product to show off with in between dives. Did we mention a 36-hour logbook including dive profile graphs at 5 second sampling rate. The rechargeable battery means years and years of maintenance free use. The charging cradle doubles up as PC (or Mac) interface for downloading dives and for firmware upgrades. 

The Matrix has a gas switching function. This function allows divers to use up to three different gas mixtures during a single dive. The computer calculates the decompression schedule accordingly, so that you can take full advantage of decompressing with high oxygen concentration mixes. Smart, intuitive and easy to use, the dive computer software is upgradeable. As Mares continues to introduce new features and functions to its computers, you can benefit from these improvements without needing to buy a new product: simply download the new software release from the Mares website and install it into your existing computer using the dedicated interface. 

The Matrix Dive Computer Decompression model is the RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model) Mares-Wienke 10 tissue model. Computer has a maximum depth display of 492′ (150 meters) and is altitude adjustable to 12,100′ (3,700 meters). The computer can be use in 4 different modes. On the surface, it has a watch mode. When diving, it can be used in air, nitrox or gauge modes. The rechargeable lithium-ion polymer user replaceable battery will give approximately 10 hours of dive time per charge and has a life expectancy of 500 charge cycles. Computer can be set for use in either fresh or salt water for more accurate calculations. Matrix has audible alarms that can be set for imperial or metric measurements, stopwatch function, daily alarms, a dive plan mode, and ascent rate indicators both graphic and digital. 

  • Complete watch functions: wake-up alarm, second time zone, date and choice of analog or digital time display
  • Full dot matrix display
  • Full tilt digital compass with bearing memory and stopwatch
  • Ability to view dive profile during dive
  • Bottom timer mode with resettable average depth and stopwatch
  • Logbook with dive graph including depth profile
  • Logbook capacity 35 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling rate
  • ICE (in case of emergency) function
  • Includes interface and software for downloading to PC or Mac
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Upgradeable firmware



Mineral Glass Display
Tempered glass with superior scratch resistance and improved readability in all diving conditions and viewing angles.


Gas Switching
Setting the computer to include one or more oxygen enriched – gases (up to 99%) in addition to your main gas; allow you to benefit from shorter decompression times by switching gases during the dive.
Full Dot Matrix
The next generation of dive computer displays: exceptional resolution allowing for total flexibility. The best user interface, the best dive display, no compromises.
Software Upgradeability
Software Upgradeability.
Keep your dive computer up-to-date with the latest Mares developments.
USB Recharger
Recharges integrated batteries via a wall adapter or a USB port.




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