Riffe Silent Hunter Carbon Long Fin Blades


  • High strength to weight ratio carbon fiber construction for unmatched durability and performance
  • Rapid Kick Transition and Recovery allows for quick response adjustment to speed, power and direction
  • Progressive flex optimizes transfer of energy output to propulsion power creating both a “low gear” torque for putting pressure on fish & “long stroke” finesse needed for deeper dives
  • Preload flex profile enhanes efficient power-stroke output
  • Shorter overall length for swift maneuverability
  • Low glint finish for a stealth appearance
  • RIFFE team tested and approved

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Swift maneuverability and on the spot torque are critical when you’ve hit your target. Keeping agility and durability as key features, Riffe’s Silent Hunter Carbon Fin blades are designed to be lightweight and powerful, with a receptive energy transfer to get you out of compromising situations and kicking effortlessly to the surface, fish in hand – mission accomplished.


  • Length: 29.62″ (75.2cm)
  • Width: 7.87″ (20cm)
  • Weight/pr: 19.2 oz (544g)
  • Angle: 22°

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