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5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Sleeping Bag

When on vacation, a sleeping bag allows you to stay where you are. Whether you’re in a car, on the road, on the beach, or mountain, this gear makes sleep possible almost about everywhere. To help you decide what sleeping bag to choose, there are five main factors to consider before you make a purchase:

  1. Weight

Not yours, the sleeping bag’s! A camping sleeping bag is heavier and bulkier than a backpacking sleeping bag. This is a major con of sleeping bags for camping. When you choose one of these, you choose comfort, convenience, and plenty of room over lightweight. On the other hand, a backpacking sleeping bag is lightweight, snug, and can be easily carried in a bag. It’s good to know the exact weight of your sleeping bag before embarking on your outdoor journey.

  1. Temperature

When looking into the right sleeping bag for different seasons, you need to think through the fabric. For cold weather, a lightweight sleeping bag won’t do, for it’s too thin to keep you warm. Though a bit expensive, the down sleeping bag is guaranteed to keep you warm in such weather.

In the summer, however, a lightweight sleeping bag would be enough, for it is known to absorb moisture. Only make sure it’s made of breathable fabric. A smart thing to do as well is to prepare the right clothes to wear under the sleeping bag.

  1. Insulation

There are two types of fill: down (eider, goose, or duck feather) or synthetic (man-made fiber). As mentioned above, the down sleeping bag provides the best warmth. The higher the down content, the better it traps warm air. Always check the fill power. The main downside of this fill is that it may get wet if not hydrophobic. This makes synthetic insulation better in wet weather although it doesn’t pack small.

  1. Shape

The shape of your sleeping bag impacts your sleeping experience. Campers, generally, go for the simple rectangular shape that offers enough space to stretch out and rollover. Couples who plan to sleep together either go for the same shape designed for zipping together or the double sleeping bag. The mummy shape has a snug fit for extra warmth, while the modified mummy (i.e., semi-rectangular) is a mixture of warmth and roominess.

  1. Fit

It’s about how your shape fits the shape of your sleeping bag. You may buy one of the best sleeping bags out there, but if it’s not the right fit, it’s useless! Some bags come in standard, unisex sizing. Other bags may be wider around the hips and narrower around the shoulders. You don’t have to buy a women’s sleeping bag or a men’s. Simply, choose a bag shape that suits your body type. The same case as getting your baby one of those baby sleeping bags or your kid a kids sleeping bag.

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