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5 Reasons Why You Need a Flashlight While Camping or Hiking

Adventure is good, and so is a well-equipped adventurer. The thrill of venturing into the unknown is unrivaled. That’s a fact, but imagine losing your way amid a vast dark desert or a thick forest? A flashlight is an invaluable camping/hiking tool that offers more than light in the dark.

Below are five reasons why a flashlight comes in handy in such situations:

  1. Illuminates your way

It’s often hard to see the trails or your camp surroundings, especially if the spot is far from the city. A torch light on you helps you see your way and tells you where you’re headed when exploring a new area or trail.

A LED flashlight is a good choice in such circumstances. It has a longer battery life than a regular flashlight as it uses less power (around the third).

  1. Helps avoid obstacles

Light is necessary for seeing dangers such as wild animals, deadly insects, or snakes. A flashlight provides enough light to see these creatures and evade stumbling upon a rock, for instance, or tripping over roots!

A bright flashlight protects you against these unwanted obstacles and dangers.

  1. On bright daylight too

Yes, even on sunny days, you need to keep your survival kit near, and it should include a torch light. The sun may not keep shining all day long. Unexpected weather changes may occur. Fogs may form, and even thunderstorms may hit at any time.

If this happened to you, you’d be thankful a flashlight is within reach.

  1. For signaling and giving directions

The more, the merrier when it comes to outdoor adventure. But what if you got lost or separated from your team through the darkness? A flashlight would be a life-saver in this event. Simply, use it to attract attention, and your friends will be able to pinpoint your exact location.

A rechargeable torch has a higher power capacity than an alkaline battery. Even though a rechargeable flashlight may be slightly bigger than a regular flashlight, the first is, definitely, worth the buy.

  1. To detect scorpions and more

A black light flashlight, also known as a UV flashlight, helps you see the undetectable by the naked eye. Leaks, cracks, bed bugs, and even animal urine are all made visible under its light. It also proves useful in detecting scorpions and other dark insects at night.

This type of flashlight is very much useful too at home.


What is the best flashlight out there, we hear you ask?

The brands vary. There’s Ledlenser, Nebo, Gentos, Nite, Fenix flashlight, and Olight flashlight, to name a few. If you’re in search of the brightest flashlight, be sure to get the highest lumen power.

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