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Tips on Choosing the Right Camp Coolers

When you’re into beach or desert picnicking, a standard cooler often spoils the food inside and the fun of the trip. When that happens, you know it’s time to look for a cooler box that withstands the heat and long drives and keeps the contents chilled and safe-to-eat.

Below are a few tips on choosing the right cooler box, in addition to a brief about the Coleman cooler box and the Coleman ice box.

What should I look for in a cooler box?

  1. Portability

An easily-portable cooler box with a sturdy handle is what you should seek first. No matter how much the cooler box is stuffed, you should be able to hold the handle conveniently.

  1. Extra storage

A cooler box with enough room helps organize all the things you need to bring on your picnic.

  1. Lightweight

Your food might already weigh a lot which makes a lightweight cooler box a smart move.

  1. Stay cool longer

A cooler box is usually left in the sun for long hours. Getting a top-branded, reliable cooler box keeps your food cool for long hours.

The Coleman cooler box

You’ll find the Coleman cooler box the perfect camping companion. It is so well-made that you can even stand or sit on it! With handy features such as cup holders and wheels and at a very reasonable price, the Coleman cooler box is the brand to go for.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, the Xtreme Coleman cooler box comes with extra insulation that allows food to stay cool for up to six days!

The Coleman ice box cooler

There is no dictionary definition of an ice box cooler and a cooler box except that the first keeps cool for longer. Usually, an ice box cooler is larger than a cooler box and is more heavy-duty given the fact that it has high impact foam installed. Also, an ice box cooler is more expensive than a cooler box as it doesn’t get damaged by added ice.

And to guarantee prolonged chill for hours and days, the Coleman ice box cooler comes with blue freezer blocks which are also sold separately.

The Coleman electric cooler box

An electric cooler box works by a thermoelectric heat pump that is mounted in the lid of the cool box along with a fan system to disperse the heat to outside the box. A thermoelectric-powered cool box – like the Coleman electric cooler box – does not actively cool the contents, but it maintains the low temperature of the chilled food for longer.

Never put ice in the Coleman electric cooler box or any electric cooler box, or else the ice will melt and cause damage.