Coghlans Load N Lock Pouch


Coghlans Load N Lock Waterproof Pouch keeps your valuables safe on the water! Great for camping, boating, kayaking, and more!

Hermetically seals out water with secure dual locking tabs
Touch screen sensitive plastic
Includes neck strap and carabiner

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Submersion Test: Prior to each use, check for proper seal. First make sure the Load N Lock Waterproof Pouch interior is completely dry. Seal the pouch placing a piece of paper with as much air as possible inside, and lock the clamp. Submerge the pouch and wait for 5 seconds for air to escape from clamp. Squeeze pouch to see if bubbles escape. Inspect paper closed inside for water spots.

Float Test: To ensure that your Load N Lock Waterproof Pouch will float with the objects you are storing inside; simply load it while allowing as much air as possible to remain inside, seal clamp,and drop it into the water while holding on to the neck strap. Submerge the pouch and let go. It should quickly rise to the surface and float.

Additional Usage Tips to ensure proper function:

Check for sand and other objects that might interfere with the clamps closure and seal.
Turn knobs completely to the horizontal position when closing clamp.
Do not use if pouch is punctured or cut.
Avoid contacting the pouch with sharp or abrasive objects.
Keep away from extreme heat or flames.
Before opening, shake water out of the clamp and towel dry the pouch.
Rinse with fresh water and dry after each use.
Do not leave in direct sunlight, as heat build-up may damage stored objects.
Do not submerge in hot water. Hot water can soften the plastic, resulting in leaks.
When using in humid climates, use silica gel packets to absorb moisture.

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