Dometic Coolice Rod Holder CIRDH


This rod holder is easily inserted into Dometic icebox brackets and means you won’t miss out on your next catch! Suitable for use with Dometic CI iceboxes.
Suitable for use with CI Iceboxes.
Easy to install and remove as required.
Made from durable PBT material.

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Dometic CI-RDH
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    • Suitable for use with CI Iceboxes
    • Easy to install and remove as required
    • Made from durable PBT material

Let me hold that for you

With the Dometic CI Rod Holder accessory, you can enjoy a well-deserved break from a long day’s fishing while ensuring your fishing rod is held securely and primed for action! The Rod Holder is simply inserted into the icebox bracket. Made from durable PBT material, the Dometic CI Rod Holder is built to last.

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