Mares Mask XVision Ultra Liquidskin


  • The X-Vision Ultra diving mask is made of bi-silicone with a large field of vision.
  • 2 mirrored versions, winner of the reddot design award.
  • Excellent mask for exciting scuba diving.

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The X-Vision Ultra dive mask has a new bi-silicone facial geometry to fit more face types. The profile in contact with the face has been optimised, ensuring a better seal. The nasal area has small ribs, already present on the X-Vision model, but which have been further improved to relieve pressure and make it more comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.
The two-button buckle makes it easy to operate even when wearing gloves.
The strap is made of bi-silicone: a softer part, behind the nape, for greater comfort, and a more rigid part, guaranteeing better stability and grip on the buckles.

In addition to the hydrodynamic design, special attention has also been paid to aesthetics: in the black and grey versions, the Gold and Silver models are available with mirrored lenses, which, in addition to their appearance, also guarantee a better filtering of light in and out of the water, while still allowing excellent eye contact with diving companions.
In particular, the Gold version with gold mirrored lenses is dedicated to increasing visibility in murky water, while in the Silver version, silver mirrored lenses help reduce reflection in shallow water or sandy bottoms.

The main features of the Chroma Up diving mask are:
– Ultra-clear face (clylwcyl model, clblwcbl)
– Gold mirror lenses to increase visibility in murky water (gogrkgrk model)
– Silver mirror lenses to reduce reflection in shallow water or sandy bottoms (sigrkgrk model)
– New moulded bi-silicone face piece for improved fit and comfort
– Hydrodynamic design
– Small ribs around the nose to relieve pressure
– 20% larger field of vision than the previous version
– Bi-silicone strap shaped like an “x” shape

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