Princeton Remix Rechargable


With rear-facing red safety lights and a battery that recharges in the lamp via USB, the 200-lumen Remix Rechargeable LED Headlamp from Princeton Tec is a versatile light for recreational, professional, or home use. Its Maxbright LED spot beam and Ultrabright LED flood beam can be dimmed to exactly the amount of light you need. A rear-mounted battery pack distributes the lamp’s 5.4-ounce weight for comfort and serves as a platform for the flashing red safety LEDs. Those LEDs can be turned on or off as needed; they also serve as a battery power indicator.

Regulated LED output assures consistent brightness throughout a charge; regulated runtimes are 2 hours on spot high, 3 hours on spot low, 12 hours on flood high, and 36 hours on flood low. (Unregulated runtimes are longer.) The light will fully charge in six hours, and the lithium-ion battery pack has a lifespan of 1000 charges. The lamp can also run on three AAA batteries if USB charging isn’t possible. The Remix Rechargeable mix has a water resistance rating equivalent to IPX4, so it can withstand being splashed or the occasional dunking.

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USB on-board rechargeable
Rear-mounted battery pack
Runtimes: spot high 2 hours, spot low 3 hours, flood high 12 hours, flood low 36 hours
Can also run on three AAA batteries
IPX4-rated, splashproof

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