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The Airush Ultra TEAM sets the new standard for high performance single strut kites. With new Hoókipa LE and strut material for 25% weight saving, thinner diameters and a stiffer profile, this is the most high performance Airush Ultra ever!

  • Airush Ultra TEAM construction
  • New Hookipa material
  • 25% lighter
  • Thinner LE and strut diameter
  • LoadFrame and WebTech


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Product Information

Airush Ultra TEAM Kite

Super lightweight Ultra with Hookipa Ultra PE material

If you were already a fan of the Airush Ultra, the new Ultra TEAM will blow you away with its upgraded performance. Using a new lightweight and super strong Hoókipa leading edge and strut material, the Ultra TEAM has better handling, more drift and an even lower low-end than before! The perfect kite for fanatic foilers and light wind freeride kite surfers.

The basis of the extreme high performance of the Airush Ultra TEAM is the new Hoókipa PE leading edge and strut material. This Hookipa material is 25% lighter and 10x stronger than traditional dacron material previously used in the Ultra. This allows you to inflate the Ultra Team up to 50% more pressure than previously recommended. Because the leading edge and struts can withstand more pressure, Airush has been able to reduce these in diameter and retain the same stiffness, which in his turn saves extra weight and the Ultra Team has less drag in the air. This is how the Hoókipa material gives the Ultra TEAM a chain reaction of performance upgrades. Because Airush is known for the durability of its products the bladders have not been reduced in weight but are made of the same the sturdy standard bladder material used in all Airush kites.

The characteristics of the Ultra have of course been preserved in the Ultra TEAM. In fact, all the characteristics have had a boost in performance by the new Hoókipa material. Because the new Ultra TEAM is as light as a feather, this Team version flies even more easily in the air, it is almost impossible to drop the Ultra from the sky. You can imagine that the drift and low-end are also greatly improved, which makes downwind foiling and waver riding even more fun! And that’s not all! Where the handling of the standard Ultra sometimes left something to be desired, with regard to excessive flapping, this Ultra TEAM is super stable in the air when you put good pressure in the LE and struts. The improved handling of the Ultra TEAM’s super stiff profile makes it possible to pull a fast downloop with any size. This way you can easily push your foil in lift with little wind and make even more hydrofoil hours then in previous years!

Of course there are also some similarities with the Airush Ultra TEAM and the standard Ultra. The Ultra TEAM is also made of super strong Techno Force D2 ripstop canopy. The entire canopy is reinforced with Airush LoadFrame. The LoadFrame is supported by a WebTech in which super strong Ultra PE yarns are used as a web through the canopy to add strength and reduce the need for heavy dacron material. Due to the fixed bridle, the Ultra TEAM has direct steering characteristics. The Swept Wingtips and single strut design allow for an easy and quick relaunch should the Ultra TEAM accidentally hit the water.

All in all, the performance and weight of this new Airush Ultra TEAM surprised us. We were able to get out on the water with a 9m even earlier for a great hydrofoil session. It was nearly impossible to drop the 9m from the sky when going downwind with the hydrofoil. The new Airush Ultra TEAM raises the bar for single strut kites again!


  • High performance foil | freeride
  • Extremely lightweight
  • New lightweight Hookipa material
  • Thinner LE and struts
  • High pressure LE and struts
  • Fixed bridles
  • LoadFrame
  • WebTech
  • Quick relaunch
  • 5 – 1.4 | 6 – 1.54 | 7 – 1.69 | 8 – 1.88 | 9 – 1.98 kg
  • 10 – 2.12 | 12 – 2.39 | 14 – 2.62 | 17 – 3.09 kg

    Airush Ultra TEAM Kite
    Airush Ultra TEAM Kite


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