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Showing 1–12 of 199 results

kitesurfing gear for sale in UAE

Kitesurfing is a sport with plenty of variety and possibilities. Gliding over the water and practicing new tricks along with friends is something worth looking for. It is a sense of achievement that takes the accomplishment of gym workout sessions to a whole new level. On the one hand it’s a thrilling kind of sport itself, and on the other hand all the things around kitesurfing such as the places, lifestyle, being one with nature, and the elements are a joy alone. It is priceless fun being in the outdoors and breathing healthy fresh air which you will get a lot of while hanging on a kite.

Buy kitesurfing gear in UAE

Think of all the wind and how much surfing improves coordination, concentration, and balance all while you have loads of fun. Kite surfing also trains reflexes and reactions, and strengthens the whole body including the often neglected core muscles. Buying kitesurfing gear is the first step to reduce the stress level, make yourself more resilient, and strengthen your immune system. You, the water and the wind will be one great unity; a combination that is amazingly relaxing and shrinks everyday worries till they are completely vanished. It is a great way to widen one’s horizon since a sport like kitesurfing contributes widely to personal development. A new adventure with new people and relationships, new countries and travel, and new tricks with a lot of new things and experiences in life.

Kitefoil board

Nowadays foil surfing has taken the kite scene by storm, as it offers the ability to ride in lighter winds and also on smaller kites than normal. Most foil boards are designed for all around riding, but there are new wing shapes and designs pushing the envelope of racing and also foil freestyle. They are widely available to expand your watersports access and allow you to be lifted above the water. What makes it fun, is that the speeds you can achieve are much greater in kiting and you can also ride with much less wind. This will give you more options on days where you would normally just stay at home. Plus, in surfing it is similar because you need less waves, so in areas where proper swell is rare, foiling makes for a great option.

Airush Board

Airush board is a freeride freestyle board that is an oriented twin tip from Airush. It is intended for the intermediate to advanced kite surfer and is suitable for all beginners. It is a popular kitesurfing brand that can carry the title of a brand that has the longest running kiteboard type in the board range. Also, Crazyfly board offers a wide selection of boards including twin tips and wave boards. Crazyfly is a brand that offers products made with materials that are from within EU applying the newest technology. Whether you are an average kiter or an experienced one, make sure to choose a size that is preferable for you depending on how tall you are and how much you weigh.