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7 Reasons Why Inflatable Kayaks Are a Good Investment

Boats come in different materials, shapes, and sizes, but if you want to invest in only one, an inflatable kayak would be the right choice. Now, you may think, like all boats, inflatable kayaks have their downside too. This is true of any sports gear; however, we’re here today to list the benefits which we think outweigh the cons in many ways.

Here are seven reasons why inflatable kayaks are worth your money:

  1. Good for beginners and pros

For beginners, getting the hang of water sports may be challenging, especially on day one. With inflatable kayaks, you don’t need to possess much skill to feel in control. Also, professionals find them adept at low-key water adventure which explains their wide appeal among all skill levels.

  1. Handle most types of waters

Your inflatable/blow up kayak is mainly considered river adventure gear. But not all of us have access to rivers, right? Your nearby pond or lake will do the trick as well. For oceans, though, we advise you to get a specialized ocean kayak and only use your blow up kayak in calm currents, waves, and winds.

  1. Require minimal gear

Whether you’re kayaking or paddling, apart from your inflatable kayak, you won’t be needing much equipment; only a paddle (single or double according to the activity of your choice), a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), and a half-cut helmet.

  1. Available in many types

The most popular is the sit-on-top recreational, especially with beginners, for their known stability. Sit-insides are popular too but may require some skill. There is also the solo and tandem. The first holds only one person while the other holds two.

Check out the Aquamarina Tomahawk inflatable kayak 2 person.  

  1. Made of durable material

If you’re worried inflatable kayaks may sink, know that today’s inflatables are very difficult to puncture. They also include at least three air chambers, so that in the worst-case scenario, if there is a leak in one chamber, the other two should keep the kayaks afloat till you reach the shore.

  1. Easy to travel with and store

Inflatable kayaks take a little time to inflate and even less time to deflate. Once deflated, you can easily roll and store or transport it. You can store your kayak in a large suitcase or duffel bag for added protection and less storage space. As for weight, they’re on the lighter side.

  1. Manufactured by the best brands

The Sea Eagle kayak is the oldest inflatable and it has been selling strong since 1968! The Intex kayak weighs just above 20 kg which is fairly light for an inflatable. The patented bow shape enhances the glide performance of your Itiwit kayak. As for a good-quality option that is easy on the wallet too, there is the Sevylor inflatable kayak. A combination of them all is Aquamarine.

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