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Other Names for Inflatable Boats and the Key Characteristics of Each

Unless you’re a fisherman, water tourist, or water sports enthusiast, you may get confused about what inflatable boat to choose, especially with all the names out there. Sometimes the names don’t matter, but other times it means different boat features. To help clear up the confusion, we listed the different names of inflatable boats below along with the vital specifications of each.

  1. RIB boat

If you’re acquainted with military terms, you’ve probably heard the word before. RIB stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat referring to the rigid hull and inflatable tube sides. A RIB boat is designed to withstand the toughest environments and missions. Its build allows excellent tracking, maneuverability, and stability even through the roughest waters. Among all inflatable boats, the RIB boat is favored by families seeking safe rides or long days out swimming or paddling.

  1. Inflatable canoe

An inflatable canoe or kayak is similar in design to a hard shell kayak but with the characteristic of being inflatable. Most inflatable canoes are made of PVC material which makes them light, strong, and waterproof. An inflatable canoe consists of several air chambers to provide buoyancy to float on water. There are recreational and expedition types. If you’re used to rowing boats, you’ll find inflatable canoes as convenient, but with less packability and portability hassle.

  1. Inflatable raft

It’s a type of inflatable boats that is very versatile. It can be used for emergencies in rescue situations as a life raft for ships or airplanes. You can use an inflatable raft to go between a boat anchored offshore or harbor to the shore or dock. And like a kayak, an inflatable raft may be used for recreational activities such as fishing. Sometimes the terms raft and boat are used interchangeably so it’s not unusual to refer to any inflatable boat as a raft.

  1. Inflatable dinghy

Technically, a dinghy is a small boat but more powered and has a pointed bow, transform stern, and round bottom. As racing boats go, a dinghy is equipped with one sail or more, a rudder, and possibly a centerboard. Usually, an inflatable dinghy refers to a type of inflatable boats for life-saving as in a life raft. Nevertheless, you find dinghies used for recreational activities too. Typically, an inflatable dinghy is around 2.5 to 3.5 meters long though you can find much longer ones.

  1. Blow up boat

This one is pretty much self-explanatory. All inflatable boats are blow up. To inflate your blow up boat, you may choose from three ways: by mouth, by using a hand/foot pump, or by an air compressor. Inflating my mouth is mostly done in emergent situations when no other pumping means is available. It’s better to store your blow up boat indoors, but if you can’t, you can always get a good cover and leave it on its trailer in a protected outdoor area.

Do all inflatable boats have motors?

No, there are inflatable boats for paddling or rowing that don’t run on a motor, and there is a type of inflatable boat with motor that runs on petrol or electricity.

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