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3 Things to Consider When Buying a New Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the very few sports that has something for everyone. Whether you’re doing it for recreation or sport, you’re in for a treat. To decide what SUP paddle board is right for you, there are three key points to consider.

  1. The SUP activity you will be doing

SUP paddleboards vary. For instance, the All-Arounds suit all activities. Yoga, however, requires a special wider, more comfortable deck pad, while fishing requires a board with enough space to accommodate fishing gear.

If you’ll be using your paddle board for racing, you may need a longer board (12 to 12.6 inches) to help you cut through the water. For new racers, a width of 24.5 or 26 inches is good before moving to narrower boards.

Wider boards with a width of 35 to 36 inches, but shorter (9 to 10 inches) work best with rivers and whitewaters.


  1. Your SUP skills

Your skill level is crucial to buying the perfect SUP board. Your experience in SUP paddling and balancing in the wind or high waves should be considered when buying a stand up paddle board.

Beginners usually go for a size between 10.6 and 11.6 inches in length and 31 to 35 inches in width. It makes perfect sense as stability would be a skill yet to improve. This size range also allows for two people to share which comes in handy for your instructor to hop on board!

Pros tend to favor this size as well, especially in the case of carrying extra baggage or paddling with pets or friends.


  1. The fins best for you

If you forget your fins, your SUP board won’t be as fast. It may feel wobbly under your feet too. All SUP paddleboards need fins for stability and to track well in a straight line. Generally, larger fins add tracking and stability, but smaller ones provide better maneuverability.

There are many options for fin configuration. The single fin, for example, provides good tracking and minimal drag. The thruster (i.e., 3 equally-sized fin setup) offers very good straight tracking and control. The 2+1 setup that includes a larger center fin with two smaller ones on each side is commonly used in surfing as is the case with the modern quad fins (i.e., 4 fins).


Paddle board accessories

After buying your new SUP paddle board, you’ll need three pieces of gear before you hit the waves:

  • Paddle: to determine the correct length of a paddle, the paddle should reach up to your wrist with your arm above your head.
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD): the right size should be snug allowing you to move freely without chafing.
  • Leash: it’s a vital safety equipment tethering your SUP board to you so that you are never separated from the board.

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