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Why a Solar Gorilla Is a Piece of Adventure Gear You’ll Never Regret Buying

Adventure is about breaking free from everyday routine and losing yourself in an exhilarating, new activity. Having the guts to push limits is good, but what is even better is being well-equipped for it. This is why a SolarGorilla is a piece of adventure equipment almost every outdoor adventurer is thankful for.

The following Q&As explain what a SolarGorilla is and why you’ll never regret buying one:


What is a solar gorilla?

Like solar panels, a solargorilla is a device that absorbs the sun’s rays and converts them into electricity. It collects solar cells (photovoltaic) and uses them to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect.

How is a solargorilla useful?

There is a consensus that a solargorilla is an essential adventure gear that, if forgotten, may ruin whole trips. If you plan to hit the trails, deserts, mountains, or waves all day, you won’t have the means to charge your gear unless you have a solargorilla solar charger. Having one means you don’t have to worry about your cell phone or camera getting discharged.

What are its main features?

The solar gorilla is a portable solar charger with various charging options. When its solar panels get exposed to strong sunlight, it provides power which shows in the green LED on the unit to multiple devices from the USB output.

What types of devices does it support?

The solar gorilla charges laptops under 40 watts and any 5V device from the USB output as smartphones, GoPros, GPS systems, smartwatches, and more.

Does it work at all times of day/year?

As established, solar panels perform most efficiently in direct sunlight as they rely on the UV intensity of the sun. For that reason, a solar gorilla does perform, but not at its best, in low light or foggy conditions.

In colder countries, a solargorilla must be paired with a powergorilla to deliver the expected results — something we don’t have to worry about in the UAE where sunlight is abundant all year.

What is a powergorilla?

It’s a big, sleek, black battery pack with a power display, an on/off button, and a power level selector. The powergorilla may either be charged from a direct AC connection or by a solar gorilla. Hence, the two are being used together.

If you plan on charging a laptop of over 40 watts, you’ll need both devices.

Is the solar gorilla by PowerTraveller any good?

Absolutely! Apart from the robust material, PowerTraveller is a reliable brand adventurers go for when considering solar panels for outdoor adventures. One day full of charging in direct sunlight gets the powergorilla more than a half-charge, and with the help of a solargorilla, a laptop running for two hours.

So, in a nutshell, what are the pros and cons of a solar gorilla?

A gorilla solar panel is solidly built, charges several devices, and has a good range of output power. Solar charging, however, tends to be slow, but that is the case with all other solar panels.

Order yours now on adventures HUB, and let the fun begin!