F-One Mitu Pro Carpon Surf board


  • 100% dedicated to strapless
  • Agile and reactive outline
  • Light and predictable ride
  • Excellent for strapless airs and rotations
  • 5.4 ft
  • 5.6 ft
  • Blue

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Ride with a legend.

Light and renowned for its reactive and agile outline, the MITU PRO CARBON is a must-have for any rider who wants to combine high-performance wave riding with some serious strapless freestyle and air game.

With the compact outline, the single concave remains the DNA of the MITU PRO models. Its unique shape helps the board start planing early, accelerate in an instant, and brings stability and predictability in all conditions.

The shape of the MITU PRO CARBON has been improved overtime with lateral flat sections on the bottom, as well as a flat section on the bottom between your front and back foot. The rocker line allows a better edge control and an overall improved feeling.

The distinct swallow tail makes it very smooth to initiate turns and easy to carve with. Yet, the board is also ready to turn aggressively when you want or to engage in hard bottom turns. Volume, stability, and float are perfectly balanced for a board that surfs better than ever before.

The MITU PRO CARBON is constructed using the HD Foam Carbon Composite technology, where the use of carbon fiber leads to a lighter structure. This super light construction makes the board stick to your feet, perfect for strapless airs. On top of it all, its high-speed ability, planing and stability make it the ultimate strapless board.

Ultimately, this board will fulfill the most demanding riders and will also bring confidence-inspiring speed and a lot of freedom on the waves.

This range features five sizes and goes from 52 all the way to 510. The largest sizes have a bit more emphasis on the planing ability and general stability, while the smaller sizes focus more on maneuverability. All share the same shape features, with their specific outline to make the most of the waves energy.

All sizes are equipped with a full pad. The 52 and 54 boards come with a set of the new F-ONE Flow Carbon XS fins. The 56, 58 and 510 come with a set of F-ONE Flow Carbon M fins.

SizeDimensionsVolume Weight*Equipped with
Delivered with 
52157 x 45 x 5,4 cm52 x 17.7‚¬³ x 2.1‚¬³20.5 l2.78Leash PlugFull pad + 3x F-One Flow  Carbon XS
54162 x 46 x 5,5 cm54 x 18.1‚¬³ x 2.2‚¬³22 l3.03Leash PlugFull pad + 3x F-One Flow Carbon XS
56167 x 46.5 x 5,5 cm56 x 183‚¬ x 2.2‚¬³23 l3.07Leash PlugFull pad + 3x F-One Flow Carbon M
58 172 x 47  x 5,6 cm58 x 18.5‚¬³ x 2.2‚¬³24 l3.16Leash PlugFull pad + 3x F-One Flow Carbon M
510 177 x 48.5 x 5,7 cm510 x 19.1‚¬³ x 2.2‚¬³26 l3.44Leash PlugFull pad + 3x F-One Flow Carbon M

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