Naish S26 Kite Foil Complete Standard

From: AED5,100


  • 650 – for high speeds and performance on High-Performance Freeride
  • 810 – is versatile and effective in very wide conditions, Performance Freeride 
  • 960 – Freeride Freeride
  • Black
  • 650
  • 810

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The design of the main lifting wing achieves a high final gliding speed, a crazy gliding experience and a wide field of use at different gliding speeds. The foil is designed to provide a fast, smooth and graded lift and as the speed increases, the foil decreases the lift strength accordingly. The lift reduction is created by reducing the angle of attack of the wing at high speed.

The 810 model is designed with a thick wing center where most of the lift is created, but as the speed increases and the turning angle decreases the lift moderates since the wing chord is designed at the edges exactly for this purpose.

At low speed and a high angle of attack, the entire wing creates lift to allow the foil to leave the water and as the speed increases and the angle of attack moderates, the ends of the wing lose lift and keep the foil in the water.

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