O’Brien FX3 Wakesurf Board


  • Surf Style
  • Hand Shaped Epoxy
  • Carbon Strips – Enhances strength and responsiveness
  • Rounded Diamond Tail
  • Split EVA Pad
  • 5 FCS Compatible Fin Boxes
  • Red
  • 54
  • 59

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The FX3 is a high-performance surfer with a modern surf style design. Featuring rounder rails than previous FXs, this rendition provides a more consistent, predictable ride that you’d expect from a traditional surf shape while still delivering superior maneuverability and effortless drive down the wave. This board is all about performance. Its winged rail and subtle concave base provide tons of speed and snappy transitions, while its wide, squared-off nose minimizes pearling (aka nose dives) and makes it easier to ride out of air reverses and shuvs.

O'Brien FX3 Wakesurf Board 54"


Wakesurfing has revolutionized the water sports industry. It is fun, social, and low impact yet allows for incredible avenues of progression. Moreover, it’s a sport that everyone loves to do. There’s nothing like catching a wave and surfing behind a boat for the first time. Having it push you forward enough that you can drop the handle and keep cruising is a feeling like no other. It is an experience that everyone should enjoy. We’ve developed our wakesurf line so that everyone can—our passion for building the best products and driving progression pairs perfectly with this sport.

Whether you are a beginner or pro or prefer surf style or skim style, O’Brien has a wakesurfer for you. Through significant testing, we have developed some of the best shapes on the market and some of the easiest to surf. We want the experience to be fun and frustration-free. That is the baseline criteria for every O’Brien wakesurf board, and it only gets better from there.

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