Storm Isup Tourer Board


  •  After filling, the fibers of the board straighten to form a solid frame
  •  The core of the board is covered with a strip of PVC material
  •  Nylon side reinforcements add extra stiffness
  •  Surrounding PVC layer
  •  Anti-slip and comfortable EVA foam
  • Blue
  • Aqua Navy
  • 11.6

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Storm Tourer Blue 11.6 SUP board

Storm Tourer Blue 11.6 11'6'' SUP board

Designed primarily for rowers up to 100 kg, although its maximum load capacity is as much as 130 kg. This SUP will be irreplaceable on the lake, river and even coastal areas of the sea, but when there are no waves and sea currents. Extremely stiff and stable. The set includes a transport bag, an efficient pump, a leash and an aluminum paddle.

Storm boards are made using the latest technologies, which, in addition to greater resistance to damage and hardness of the board, guarantee an amazing swimming experience.

Features of the Storm Blue 11.6 SUP Board (350x81c12cm):

  • Weight: 10.1 kg
  • Capacity: 285L
  • Length: 350 cm
  • Width: 81 cm
  • Thickness: 12 cm
  • Inflatable: yes
  • Load capacity: 130 kg
  • Maximum pressure: 20 psi

Key design features:

Drop-stitch technology is responsible for the stiffness and hardness of the board when inflated. The technologically advanced design of the board’s interior means that when inflated, it becomes as hard as a traditional “rigid” platform. This is due to the polyester fibers in its core.

  • 1. After filling, the fibers of the board straighten to form a solid frame
  • 2. The core of the board is covered with a strip of PVC material
  • 3. Nylon side reinforcements add extra stiffness
  • 4. Surrounding PVC layer
  • 5. Anti-slip and comfortable EVA foam



A functional bag with a zipper that can easily accommodate a board, pump and paddle.


A two-way pump equipped with a pressure gauge allows you to easily and quickly inflate the board to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Aluminum paddle

Three-piece paddle with convenient length adjustment. The oar shaft is made of aluminum, and the blade is made of material resistant to mechanical damage.


Retractable fin responsible for greater stability and directional control while swimming.

Repair Kit

The set consists of two PVC patches, glue and a wrench for removing the valve.


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