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7 Pieces of Climbing Equipment Every New Climber Needs to Know About 


The thrill of climbing is very much indescribable. But to give you a feel of it- if you’re entertaining the thought of trying the sport one day- it’s safe to say it’s only for the brave. Surely, it requires strength, endurance, and brains, but it still isn’t a sport for the faint at heart. Today, we introduce seven pieces of climbing equipment we think every climber should know about if they plan to be safe.

  1. Drop crash pad

The spectrum of climbing is so broad which makes the idea of spreading climbing crash pads on the ground nonsensical, especially when climbing high mountains. But to tell the truth, a drop crash pad is a piece of climbing gear that comes in handy when bouldering (i.e., climbing up over mountains or artificial walls at low heights without a rope).

  1. Dynamic rope

It’s a critical climbing equipment piece and one that should be carefully chosen. Unlike static ropes, a dynamic rope is designed to stretch in order to absorb the impact of a falling climber. The Singing Rock Storm dynamic rope is perfect for all-around climbing; meaning it can do a bit of everything!

  1. Climbing harness

To access your safety rope, you need a rock climbing harness. Back in the day, climbers would tie a rope around their waste with a bowline in a coil and climb their way up to mountain tops. This we do not recommend. The best climbing harness should include handy little loops so you can clip additional gear and access them easily.

  1. Energy absorber

The sole purpose of an energy absorber is to reduce the impact or sharp blow resulting from a fall arrest. The Singing Rock Phario Palm is for kids and adults up to a weight of 120 kg. It easily attaches to the harness and is easily handled. This climbing equipment works best with ropes courses and adventure parks.

  1. Nut

An essential piece of rock climbing equipment is the nut, choke, or chockstone. It is made of a flexible wire threaded through a hard ‘nut’ of metal. It provides passive protection as you place it into a narrowing section of a crack by being wedged. This wedge keeps it in place in case of a fall.

  1. Belay

Your mountain climbing gear won’t be complete without a belay device. This small tool acts as a brake on the climbing rope as it applies friction to it. It is designed to be clipped directly to the belay loop of a harness and is an absolutely necessary safety piece of climbing equipment.

  1. Climbing helmet

A helmet is not a piece of rock climbing gear to be dismissed. It protects the head against falling debris and impact in the event of a fall. The perfect helmet should cover your forehead, fit snugly, and buckle tightly yet comfortably. Check out the best climbing helmet brands here.


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