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Bestway Bouncer and Inflatable Leisure Products Everyone Should Try

“Your fun is our business” is Bestway’s slogan, and it’s clear Bestway truly means it, as it has been a strong bestseller for over thirty years. Known for its specialty in high-quality recreational products, the Bestway bouncer may be the most popular of the brand’s products, but we thought we’d introduce other leisure inflatables by the same brand that are worth trying.

  1. Bestway bouncer

Bouncers are like kid magnets. They’re super fun and safe. Bestway bouncers are known for being sturdy and durable as they’re made of puncture-proof materials. They come in beautiful colors and attractive shapes as a castle, boxing ring, rocket, helicopter, and more. Before you make a purchase, check the age requirements.

For more Bestway bouncer designs, click here.

  1. Bestway waterpark

A cool addition to your Bestway bouncer is the Bestway waterpark. It is designed to get kids to move while enjoying the water. The basketball pool and the shotplay are suitable for kids of age 3+. There’s also the aqua center that allows kids to slide and swim amid inflatable sea creatures, while the sea life design allows your kid to play ring toss on a shark head! Other water-themed designs are the lava lagoon, mount splash, and turbo splash.

But if your kid is more of an earth person, the friendly wood design would be a better fit.

  1. Bestway pool  

Another fun product your kid will like if they’re a Bestway bouncer fan is the Bestway pool. A popular pick is the 3D undersea inflatable pool with its 3D goggles and crystals for hunting. The Fast Set is another popular Bestway swimming pool available for kids and the whole family. It lacks the 3D prints, but it accommodates up to five people, even more! Frame pools are available, too, for those looking for a steel-supported option.

  1. Bestway whirlpool

This one is not like your regular Bestway swimming pool. It is more of a Jacuzzi spa for adults to relax and have fun. One Bestway whirlpool is the unique air jet spa Helsinki wood design that is inflated with an air pump. It offers 80% water capacity. Another one is the air jet spa Ibiza which offers 70% water capacity and just like the Helsinki may be used as a hot tub and may fit from 4 to 6 adults.

  1. Bestway airbed

Airbeds are loved by many because they could be used as regular beds at home or camping while giving your body contouring and pain relief. There are creative shapes for kids as the offroader, dream glimmers, and unicorn. Adults, too, get their fair share of airbeds but in queen size. For back support, there are airbed lounges that may be used indoors or in or by the pool. Some lounges are flat, while others are chair or couch-shaped.

The designs may vary, yes, but they all scream comfort!

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