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Buying the Best Electric Scooter | Brands & Safety Gear

You may think that electric scooters are overhyped, but the truth is they deserve every bit of it! The best thing about electric scooters is that they’re cheap, convenient, and very easy to drive. You can simply go anywhere; run errands in no time using an electric scooter. And the more they are in demand, the more the market supplies. If you’re thinking of buying the best electric scooter out there, check out the list of brands below.

  1. Razor electric scooter 

A Razor electric scooter is more than a standard scooter. It is more of a transportation alternative that everyone finds extremely easy to use. With a wide range of models, kids, as well as adults, can find their perfect fit. To narrow down your options, you can choose your Razor electric scooter according to your age group; junior (2-4), kids (5-7), older kids (8-12), teens & adults (13+), and adults (18+). What set the Razor electric scooter apart from the rest are the strong material and the affordable price.

Razor has kicked off the scooter trend twenty years ago and is still topping the game with its Razor electric scooter!

  1. Xiaomi scooter

A Xiaomi scooter is famous for being one of the best brands around the world. Produced by the Chinese electronic company Xiaomi, a Xiaomi scooter comes with a 1- 2-year manufacturer’s warranty; something to consider if you’re thinking of buying the best electric scooter in the market. Known for its lightweight, power, and reasonable cost, it’s not hard to see why Xiaomi scooter is popular among commuters. You may even find some use their Xiaomi scooter as a fast transport between meetings!

  1. Ather 450 scooter

When buying the best electric scooter, you’re advised to check out the riding modes. The Ather 450 scooter offers riding modes to adapt to different riding conditions. From Sport mode to Eco mode and Ride mode, the performance range changes accordingly. The range capacity of the Ather 450 scooter, besides its high-power acceleration, long life, and smart dashboard and navigation is said to be the future for a commute. In addition, the integrated home charging solution of the Ather 450 scooter offers an overnight, safe power transfer with minimum effort.

  1. Segway scooter

A Segway scooter is one of the best electric scooter options out there. Segway scooter provides a wide range of models that cater to short and long-distance commuters alike. The long-life battery of a Segway scooter will allow you to discover your surroundings; up to a 65 km maximum reach. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that Segway scooter, along Ninebot, owns up to 70% of the global, shared electric scooter market.

Buying the best electric scooter is not reason enough to discard safety gear.

Here’s a list of the safety gear you need to prevent accidents, mitigate injures, and keep you safe on the driveway:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Protective jacket
  • Protective pants
  • Lights
  • Horn
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