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surfing spots in dubai

Famous Surfing Spots in Dubai

Surfing in the UAE has gained much popularity as a sport over the years. There is no shortage of majestic waves and swells to ride here, but actually numerous places to surf in the UAE. Whether you’re a pro surfer or just a beginner, surf destinations in Dubai give you an incredibly unique playing field with great waves and waters that range from mild to wild. Surfing in the Dubai is both a travel-and-surf vacation in the warm welcoming waters where surfers fall in love with the Emirate’s ideal surfing conditions. So get your surfboards ready and prepare for an unforgettable experience riding the waves at some of the best surf destination in Dubai.

Great surf beaches in Dubai

Sunset Beach is one of the most popular surfing spots, located in the heart of Jumeirah. It is one of Dubai’s busiest and closest beach breaks, with the Surf House and Surf Café just around the corner. The winter months are the best time to head to the beach which is when the swell is also consistent throughout winter months. The beach always attracts a crowd and is always buzzing with beach-goers and tourists. Because of the strong rip and swell, a part of the beach is designated just for surfers. It’s a superb tourist destination and a surf spot as well, where you get to swim and surf with the iconic Burj Al Arab as your backdrop!

Surf in Dubai

North Beach is another fantastic option among the best surf spots in Dubai. It is a local’s favorite, located just north of Dubai, towards Sharjah. It is a surfer’s paradise where you won’t find tourists or beach-goers here – only surfers. It is all about a thrill-seeking crowd made up of mainly experienced surfers, since swells are high throughout the season. The cross-onshore winds make North Beach the perfect spot to enjoy the sport and the waves.

Tim’s Reef is yet another choice for those looking for the best surf spots in Dubai. It is located on UAE’s east side, where it faces the Indian Ocean. This makes it out to be the UAE’s only reef break and Fujairah’s best surf spots. Being the UAE’s reef break, occurs when there is a big Indian Ocean swell from a storm. Therefore, the best time to head out is usually throughout the months of summer. It is just an hour’s drive from Dubai, which makes it a perfect to take a day to visit the reef when the swell is at its best. Mamzar Park and Kite Beach are also very popular with growing surfers in the city.

Overall, the sandy beaches are very rewarding, and you can enjoy stunning view along with the waves and surfing opportunities. Plus, the appealing scenery makes for some spectacular surf photography. Not only will you be able to surf in Dubai and choose form several outstanding destinations, but you will also find a wide array of surf equipment that covers all your needs.

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