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How to Buy a Speargun


A speargun or a spearfishing gun is a tool that is used to hunt fish while snorkeling or diving underwater. Unlike line fishing, spearfishing is a sport that allows you to choose your prey (i.e., the fish) you wish to eat for dinner. To be able to catch the fish you want, you need to know how to choose a speargun for such a hunt down and how to buy a speargun in UAE.

When choosing a spearfishing gun, consider the features below:

  1. Length

A speargun’s length is determined by the place you’re diving. If you’re diving in shallow waters, a shorter speargun is recommended as the full-range long speargun might hit the ocean floor or rocks!  However, if you’re fish hunting in open waters where fish don’t come in closer, a longer speargun would be perfect. Normally, the shooting range of a spearfishing gun is four times the length of the gun.

  1. Style

There are three different types of spearguns: rail guns, roller guns, and pneumatic guns. A rail speargun gets its power by the rubbers. This type is perfect for beginners. A roller speargun is similar to a rail speargun, except for the rubbers which are much longer giving it a wider range. A roller speargun suits best the advanced hunters. As for the pneumatic speargun, it is air powered and it doesn’t get its power by rubbers. This type is popular with boat owners who go on short, quick spearfishing trips.

  1. Trigger Mechanism

A spearfishing gun has a trigger mechanism that holds the spear in place and releases it when the trigger is pulled. When it comes to how to choose a speargun with a durable trigger mechanism, look for a high-quality plastic spearfishing gun or yet better a spearfishing gun made of metal. If you’re wondering how to buy a speargun that is both robust and functional, click here <link>

  1. Muzzle

The muzzle prevents the spear from coming off the barrel. There are three different types of muzzles: an open-muzzle, a semi-closed, and a closed muzzle. An open muzzle is quieter than a closed muzzle, yet it makes the speargun more difficult to reload and it requires a skillful hunter.  

  1. Spear

A spear is the stainless steel shaft used to penetrate through the fish. Stainless steel is a good material that resists corrosion as well as galvanized steel which is slightly stronger but may rust after a short while. The spear of a spearfishing gun varies in thickness. The bottom line is, the thicker the spear, the better and stronger the quality is. If you’re wondering how to choose a speargun, check out the detailed specifications here <link>

  1. The Line

The line attaches the spear to the speargun. You can imagine how important it is to be strong enough not to be easily pulled by a fish. The line is either made of monofilament or a constrictor cord. The monofilament line is more common and more durable as well.

  1. Rubbers

Rubbers are what give a spearfishing gun its power. As for how to choose a speargun with powerful rubbers, always go with thicker ones. Of course, thick rubbers are harder to load, yet they give the ultimate power to penetrate through big fish.

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