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How to Choose and Buy Diving Lights

A dive torch or a diving flashlight is an essential piece of equipment for scuba divers. Those who are into deep diving or cave diving will tell you that an underwater torch or an underwater flashlight will help you discover the treasures hidden in deep waters. Below are a few points to bear in mind as you go buy diving lights.

Why do I need to buy diving lights?

Unlike the common belief that an underwater flashlight is only used at night diving, morning deep dives may require extra lighting as well. The deeper you descend the water, the more the water filters out the sun’s light leaving you in the dark. Here comes an underwater flashlight to the rescue.

On other occasions, you’ll need to do some underwater excavation or better read a non-illuminated compass or an air or depth gauge; hence, an underwater flashlight comes in handy in such situations. In conclusion, a diver needs to buy diving lights!

What is primary and backup lighting?

A primary underwater flashlight has a broad beam and covers more area allowing a better vision of the sea life surrounding you. You can use it to view your non-illuminated compass and gauges too.

A backup underwater flashlight has a narrower beam allowing a better vision of wrecks and reefs. Carrying both is recommended, especially for professional divers.

When you go buy diving lights, it’s a good idea to get one of each; primary and backup.

How can a dive torch save lives?

A dive torch may save lives when used as a signaling device. It’s a form of communication as it helps you catch your fellow diver’s attention when in distress. It doesn’t stop at that, but signaling light from a dive torch also means you’re asking your fellow diver to come nearby to watch what you’ve come across from sea wonders. A dive torch doesn’t only save lives but allows you to explore unique aquatic lives.

How to choose diving flashlight?

  1. Waterproof vs. pressure proof

Consider your diving habits. If you’ll be diving deep (i.e. more than 30 meters), go for a pressure-proof diving flashlight. A waterproof diving flashlight does not withstand the pressure of deep waters. Even better, is to look for a pressure-proof diving flashlight that carries the label “water-tight”.

  1. Light style

There is a wide variety of underwater torch light styles. For tropical waters, a smaller, less flashy light will do. Also, an underwater torch that may be affixed to your tank helps your fellow diver easily spot you even in dim waters. If you’re the explorative type of diver, a canister underwater torch is your best bet. The light of a canister underwater torch is much brighter and allows for a clear view of caves and wrecks.

  1. Bulb and batteries

A dive torch with an HID or LED battery is more efficient and lives longer. They may be more expensive, but they’re cost-effective. So is the case with rechargeable batteries. A diving flashlight normally would burn batteries quickly, so better opt for the rechargeable type. They will save you money, as well as the environment. Such an underwater torch is definitely worth the investment.

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