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Sailboats Adventure in Dubai

What true sailors would say about sailing is that it’s a spiritual journey. Surely, the sport requires a certain level of fitness and mental sharpness, but the fact that it’s just you, the surrounding waters, and the sweet soft breeze brings on an indescribable serenity one ought to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Sailboats adventure in Dubai has a particular charm to them. The water is clear blue, the weather is pleasant when you’re on a sailboat, and the man-made surroundings are magical; think the majestic Burj Khalifa and the sail-shaped hotel, Burj Al Arab (a testimony to the love of sails)!


To know more about sailboats adventure in Dubai, Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC)  is the ultimate guide to sailing and sailboats adventure cost.


  1. Cruising adventures

A one per month cruise that is open to experienced sailors and newbies alike. DOCS members and their guests are welcomed to enjoy the safe, family-friendly sailing activities.


  • Antarctica

Just four kilometers offshore Dubai and part of the man-made World Islands, it’s the perfect place to sail, anchor, and dip into the sea for a refreshing swim.

Antarctica sailboats adventure cost: FREE

  • Lebanon Island Beach Club

In the center of the World Islands and only five kilometers away from Dubai, you’ll not only enjoy the sailing trip, but you’ll have a blast exploring the private beach club.

Lebanon Island sailboats adventure cost: AED 100 per person/ AED 90 for DOCS members


  1. Learn to Sail
  • Dinghy sailing

An introduction for new sailors. Kids and teens may choose from a four-staged intensive course or a three-staged extensive one. The cost ranges from AED 120/AED 1500 to 2,340 for guests and members, respectively. Also, a three-leveled dinghy sailing course is available for adults ranging from AED 1720 to AED 2150 for guests and members, respectively.

  • Cruising

These courses teach handling bigger boat sailing and they suit best those who look forward to becoming crew members. The cost ranges from AED 1845 to AED 4800. A weekly sailing course for women is available at a cost of AED 2,150.

However, the thing is your sailboats adventure in Dubai won’t be complete without proper sailboats adventure gear.

Here are four essential sailboats adventure gear to put on before you set sail!

  1. Shoes

They must be comfortable with non-slip soles so as to avoid falls on wet and slippery boat decks.

  1. Sunglasses

Any sunglasses would protect your eyes from UV, but the polarized ones cut glare and provide a clearer vision of the water movement.

  1. Gloves

The regular gloves won’t do. They have to be sailing gloves to protect your hands from abrasions and blisters often caused by handling lines.

  1. Windbreaker

A thin, waterproof fabric jacket to protect you from the wind chill.

Let us know what sailboat adventure in Dubai will you be going for? And what sailboat adventure gear you wish to add to the essentials list?

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