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scuba diving dubai

Scuba Diving Dubai | Top Scuba Diving Destinations & Gear

Dubai is an all-year-round holiday season destination. For the travelers who seek city vibrancy and buzz, Dubai is far from disappointing. And for those who opt to dig deeper so as to discover what lies beneath the glamour, Dubai masterfully delivers. It’s time to up your game with fabulous scuba diving Dubai destinations!

  1. Atlantis, the Palm

A visit to the Ambassador Lagoon gives you the chance to see over 65,000 marine animals! For the Atlantis Dive Explorer package, you get to explore life in the lagoon and watch indigenous fish and rays. The Predator Dive package, on the other hand, lets you hand-feed sharks (not for the fainthearted, obviously!).

It’s your call, will you play it safe or play with jaws?

  1. Dubai Mall

The place where you can shop till you drop and then head to an aquarium tank right after; something you don’t get to experience every day. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo  in Dubai Mall is best known for having the largest collection of sand tiger sharks worldwide. With the Shark Dive, you get a close encounter with rays and sharks in a cage dive (of course, it’s you who’ll be inside the cage).

  1. Dubai World Islands

There you can scuba dive around the world. Simply head to the west coast and you’ll find a group of artificial islands formed to resemble the map of the world. This work of genius has been well maintained allowing the growth of small colonies of marine flora and fauna; one of very few scuba diving destinations that only gets better with time.

  1. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach caters to beginners and advanced scuba divers alike. For beginners, plenty of small scuba diving sites are available where you can enjoy the turquoise water and the natural marine life of the Arabian Gulf. Professionals can dive deeper to explore and swim through the shipwrecks. Being one of the most popular scuba diving destinations, the centers offer various diving packages  to suit every preference (Note: don’t forget to book an underwater photography session).

  1. Dubai Marinas

Scuba diving Dubai Marina is an experience beginners and professionals look forward to. Besides being one of the best scuba diving destinations, extensive and high-quality training is provided at very reasonable prices. And as is the case with Jumeirah Beach, deep-sea shipwreck dives are available as well.

If you happen to be interested in regularly scuba diving Dubai, we suggest you start looking into getting your own scuba diving gear .

Here are some pros to having personal scuba diving gear:

  1. Rental-cost saving.
  2. Cleanliness and good hygiene.
  3. Comfortable, proper fit.
  4. Familiarity and correct usage.
  5. Regular maintenance.

What scuba diving gear  should you buy first?

Start with the basics:

  1. Scuba mask
  2. Snorkel
  3. Scuba fins
  4. Wetsuit

Then, you may want to upgrade your scuba diving gear with life-support equipment:

  1. Scuba BCDs
  2. Scuba regulators
  3. Dive computers

Surely, listing the top scuba diving destinations and gear in Dubai could go on forever, but all we know is that the moment you start off scuba diving Dubai, you’ll be hooked on forever.

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