Assos Mille Gt Summer C2 Gto Bib Shorts With Pad


  • Filterfoam:  10mm of lower density matrix foam is sandwiched between microshocks and 3D waffle to fully absorb microvibrations. Open cell structure removes excess moisture.
  • 3D Waffle: The patented 3-layer perforated foam that comes against the skin increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.
  • Wirlkrater: Proprietary hole system, strategically placed for increased air circulation.
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The best bib shorts for long distances: Mille GT Summer c2 GTO Bib Shorts by ASSOS

With large-muscle support, friction, and excessive pressure remaining critical issues on long-duration rides, GTO destroys conventional bib short construction formulas. The stitch lines have been reversed and the insert radically reshaped to eliminate friction and pressure on the genital area while creating unparalleled support for the muscles. Contributing to this are the louvreTec leg panels, which taper downward and are wrinkle-free to conform to the body’s anatomy.

The Mille GT Summer c2 GTO is designed for the longest rides and in regularFit. A cut that tends to be more for comfort than racing and is ideal for any rider and all riding styles. The GTO straps and leg panels are designed for proven stability with the rollBar and a one-piece butterfly panel. An optimized layering system, with skin layer and matching jersey in each case ensures complete thermoregulation and dryness from head to toe.

The main textile OSSIDIA provides the ideal balance between frictionless comfort and muscle-supporting compression. The warp-knit fabric is made of ultra-thin, elastic fibers that provide muscle support, breathability and a silky smooth feel against the skin on the lower back and thighs. LOSANGA, used on the front, is a new textile developed by ASSOS that eliminates pressure on sensitive areas. The ASSOS GTO has been worked in regularFit fit, a cut that tends to be more for comfort than racing and is ideal for any rider and all riding styles.


A body mapped performance fit that is a little less aggressive than ASSOS’ racingFit. The best of both worlds, wearability and speed converging. A balance between the more compressive racingFit and the looser comfortFit.

ALS (ASSOS Layering System)
Less is more. The entire ASSOS collection is conceptualized around this technology. ASSOS apparel is engineered with minimum volume, taking advantage of the body’s natural heating/cooling capacities by insulating intelligently through pro-active layering. Both fabrics and garments have chain functions and are cut to complement each other. Everything fits like a puzzle; technically as well as aesthetically. It is up to each cyclist to follow the climate range guidelines and to experiment with the different ASSOS garments in order to find the perfect personal outfit for each specific riding season.

AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design)
Stand for the company’s know-how, experience and philosophy on how a garment should be tailored to function in the cyclist’s position. ASSOS garments are designed to perfectly fit and adhere to the body, in other words, to respect the anatomy of the cycling body. High-tech fabrics are pointless if cut “wrong”!

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