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Deep Water Soloing | What You Need to Know

You’ve probably come across trending videos of deep water soloing on YouTube. The thrill of watching those videos is exhilarating. Imagine doing the activity itself? Would you dare risk your climb, splashing into the water, and starting all over? Here’s what you need to know about deep water soloing.

What is deep water soloing?

Also known as DWS climbing, deep water soloing is a form of deep water solo climbing that relies on the presence of water under the base of a climb so that in the case of a fall, the water below prevents injury.

Where is deep water soloing practiced?

DWS climbing may be practiced on sea cliffs, reservoirs, rivers, and swimming pools.

Who may practice deep water soloing?

Deep water solo climbing is a vein of climbing that is worth a try. For those who are into rock climbing, DWS climbing should be easy. It doesn’t involve the dangerous risks of rock climbing, so for anyone who likes a safe adventure, deep water solo climbing is their go.

Does deep water soloing involve any risk?

It involves some risk. After all, it is rock climbing over water. To know your routes and to know how to fall are keys to your safety. That’s why many places provide nearby safety boats and lifeguards.

How difficult is deep water soloing?

DWS climbing requires a high level of fitness, strength, and resilience. The latter is very important when it comes to slipping up, falling, soaking wet, and starting again. Despite the relative safety of the activity compared to solo rock climbing, rock climbing over water and the possibility of getting everything wet, including your chalk bag, is very inconvenient.  Swimming is a needed skill. And a minimum experience in rock climbing would do (though not necessary).

What does it feel like to go deep water soloing?

Deepwater solo climbing feels epic. It’s fun, challenging, and new. You won’t need the rack and ropes when rock climbing over water. You will enjoy the feel of rock against you, and the higher you attempt to climb up, the stronger the adrenaline rush is.

What deep water soloing gear do I need?

Deepwater soloing gear is relatively inexpensive. The basics are swimming clothes, climbing shoes, and a dry bag. As rock climbing over water may involve getting wet, keeping spare dry clothes in your dry bag is a great idea.

Your dry bag should carry a dry pair of shoes, a towel, chalk, a chalk bag, and dry clothes. The chalk is for drying your hands for a better grip when climbing. Also, if you plan on hitting rough routes, an abseil rope may be necessary. For cold temperatures, deep water soloing gear should include heavy clothes, a blanket, and a thermos full of warm tea to help you warm up.

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