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Dirt Biking in Dubai| Technical Tips and Gear

Dubai isn’t just about luxury hotels and beaches. Some of the best experiences in Dubai start in the desert with an electric dirt bike! If you think it’s time to sharpen your dune bashing skills, consider dirt biking in Dubai on the back of an electric dirt bike. And read on to know how to upgrade your adventure and dirt biking gear.

  1. Find a good riding position

A correct riding position is a key to a comfortable dirt biking ride. Electric dirt bike rentals often get worn in some places that makes them uncomfortable for many. That’s why buying one is a better option, especially if you’ll be hitting the dunes often.

Sit comfortably in the indention where the seat and gas tank of the electric dirt bike meet. Stand over the bike. If your toes touch the ground, then the electric dirt bike is of appropriate height. You should be able to stand flat-footed with the electric dirt bike leaning off to one side.

  1. Switch between sitting and standing

Alternating between sitting and standing positions reduces joint stress during dirt biking. Standing on your electric dirt bike allows for maximum control and flexibility, especially when going over jumps or obstacles. As you stand, make sure your legs are slightly bent and tilted forward. Experienced riders tend to maintain a sitting position. If you know you have knee problems, remain seated on your electric dirt bike for the whole excursion.

  1. Have two fingers on the clutch

Dirt biking novices tend to grip the handles with the entirety of their hands. Such a mistake may cause the rider to lose control of the brake. To avoid the risk, adjust for two finger operations, in the sense of adjusting your clutch lever so that it becomes easily accessible with your middle and index fingers.

Dirt biking gear  

  1. Razor dirt bike

The Razor dirt bike is very sturdy. Its high-quality steel construction and authentic frame help generate power even on the roughest terrain. When looking for maximum speed, the MX650 Dirt Rocket is the fastest Razor dirt bike by design. This electric dirt bike has a top speed of 17 mph and is intended for 16+ -year-old riders. And you won’t have to worry about going too fast as the MX650 Razor dirt bike comes with variable speed settings. More reasons to get a Razor dirt bike are their long battery life, high weight limits, and 90-day warranty.

  1. 50cc dirt bike

4-year-old kids can safely ride a 50cc dirt bike. CC stands for cubic centimeter. A 50cc dirt bike has a maximum speed of 25 to 40 mph. This speed is suitable for children who are less than ten years old. Also, a 50cc dirt bike is relatively tall. That makes it approachable by any age. As your kid gets taller, their 50 cc dirt bike stays a good fit for them.

  1. Yamaha dirt bikes

The Yamaha dirt bikes are small, light, and lively. The best riders go for Yamaha dirt bikes for their exceptional handling and performance which leads to winning endless races. Of all the Yamaha dirt bikes, Yamaha WR is the most popular.  Its spectacular performance on and off-road and its 88 mph speed are the main selling points among sports enthusiasts. Though Yamaha dirt bikes are slightly pricier than their competitors’ – as you may know- a Japanese electric dirt bike turns into a great investment.


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