Wahoo Speedplay Pedals Powrlink Zero DualSided | Power Meter System


  • Area of intended use : road bike, triathlon, time trial
  • Material pedal axle: stainless steel

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The cooperation between Wahoo and Speedplay, which has existed since 2019, is bearing new fruit. Based on the Speedplay Zero pedal platform, the Americans bring the Powrlink power measurement pedals onto the market. With a measuring accuracy of +/-1%, the system is on par with the best power meters on the market and offers numerous evaluation features via the two-sided measurement. The extravagant shape, the flat overall height, individual adjustment options and the very low weight of the Speedplay pedal platform are also retained with the Powrlink pedals.

left-right ratio
The two-sided power measurement allows an insight into the power distribution. You can use the data to improve the effectiveness of your kick and quickly identify muscular imbalances.

Temperature compensation and automatic calibration
The pedal system provides you with precise performance data at all times, regardless of the temperature. The pedals are automatically calibrated before each tour.

battery life
The integrated batteries can be easily charged with the supplied charging clamp. If the battery is low, you will receive a warning via a paired ELEMNT bike computer or the Wahoo Fitness App. In addition, the charging status is displayed via an LED on the pedals. With up to 75 hours of battery life, you’re ready for even the longest rides.

You can connect your POWRLINK Zero pedals to the KICKR ROLLR trainer for precise performance measurement during indoor training.

Stand alone design
The round shape not only promotes aerodynamics, but is also an eye-catcher on your bike. The low overall height increases the ground clearance and you can simply keep pedaling in curves without coming into direct contact with the asphalt. The design has also been slightly modified to make it easier to get on and off.

Individual setting options
There are probably no other pedals that are as customizable as Speedplay’s. The cleats can be moved forwards and backwards as well as sideways. The freedom of movement is adjustable from 0° to 15°. You have the choice between absolute fixation or a more knee-friendly connection without having to constantly change the plates. The release hardness is determined by the supplied standard tension cleats or the optionally available easy tension cleats. The latter are especially recommended for beginners.

Quality without compromise
Speedplay doesn’t want to make you a mechanic, you should drive. Therefore, the bearings have been sealed to a high standard and are maintenance-free. The combination of industrial deep groove ball bearings and needle bearings transmits the forces gently and runs smoothly at the same time. Unlike many other products on the market, the contact surfaces on the pedals and plates are made of metal, which prevents premature wear.

The pedal plates are designed for road shoes with 3 or 4-hole attachment.

Technical specifications:

Material pedal body: Grivory® plastic matrix
Contact surface material: stainless steel
Size contact area: kA
Power measurement: both sides
Battery: rechargeable lithium batteries
Running time: up to 75 hours
Transmission: ANT+ / Bluetooth / ANT+ FE-C
Compatibility bike computer: all common ANT+ compatible bike computers (e.g. Garmin Edge)
Measurement accuracy: +/-1%
Bearings: triple sealed industrial deep groove ball bearings and needle bearings
Freedom of movement: adjustable from 0° – 15°
Release hardness: depending on the selected pedal plate (standard tension or easy tension)
Release angle: approx. 7.5°
Q Factor/Axis Length: 55mm
Compatibility: Look/SPD-SL 3-hole sole standard, Speedplay 4-hole standard
Compatibility pedal plate: Speedplay Standard Tension or Easy Tension
Weight limit: not specified


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