Sea To Summit Ultralight Self Inflating Mat

3 Years Warranty

From: AED639

All of our S.I. mats use the first ever, multi-function single valve designed specifically for self-inflating mats. No more fighting re-inflation as you try to roll up your mat!

  • Anti-slip print on base of mat, helps hold your mat in place when camping on sloping ground is unavoidable
  • Multi-function high flow-rate valve provides fast inflate, deflate and easy fine-tuning for personalised comfort
  • Includes a repair kit for easy puncture repair in the field
  • Included Pillow Lock system attaches Sea to Summit pillows to mat
  • Includes stuff sack
  • L
  • One Size
  • Orange

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Delta Core-V technology removes up to 20% of the weight and bulk of the polyurethane (PU) foam of a self-inflating mattress, while maintaining comfort and insulation.

Our unique approach uses sophisticated pressure-mapping data to create the blueprint for our distinctive graduated core pattern. Where extra warmth and support is needed for the body contact areas-shoulders, hips and feet-the core holes are smaller. In the less critical areas, we have removed more foam to minimise the weight and packed size. Delta Core-V technology is used in our Ultralight SI and Camp mat SI models.

Anti-slip Silicone Print

Ever woken up cold because you slipped off your sleeping mat in the middle of the night? Not any more.

Anti-slip silicone print patterns to help your sleeping bag stick to your mat, and your mat to the tent floor.

Multi-Function S.I. Valve

We have literally put a new twist on our very successful multi-function valve so it specifically addresses the inherent characteristic of self-inflating mats-that is, the problem of the foam trying to re-inflate as youClimbing Hubre packing up.

WeClimbing Hubve engineered the œone-way inflation valve to be reversible and used it to prevent the mat from drawing air back in. this allows you to roll the mat up as small as possible without fighting re-inflation as you go. This patent-pending valve design has the same slim profile, faster inflation than traditional screw valves, easy pressure fine-tuning and super-fast deflation rate as our air mattresses and pillow.

PillowLock System

Easily secure your Sea to Summit pillow to your Sea to Summit mat for a slip-free sleep.

Designed to keep your pillow exactly where its meant to beon your sleeping matour unique PillowLock hook-and-loop fastener patches come standard with all our mats from mid-2019.


ASTM F3340-18 R-values

An R-value (Resistance-value) is a metric used to rate how effectively your sleeping mat resists heat loss. ItClimbing Hubs the only way to know how well your mat will prevent your body heat being leeched away by ground temperatures (which can be a lot colder than air temperatures).

This value can be tested in-house but at Sea to Summit our mats are independently tested at a laboratory to precisely controlled standards.

The new industry standard ASTM F3340-18 testing has now been introduced and all Sea to Summit mats released from 2020 onwards are tested to this standard.





Length198 CM183 CM125 CM170 CM
Width64 CM51 CM51 CM51 CM
Height/Depth2.5 CM2.5 CM2.5 CM2.5 CM
Weight720 G550 G395 G520 G
R Value2.
Rolled Size11 x 27 CM11 x 24 CM9.5 x 24 CM11 x 24 CM

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions64 × 3 × 198 cm






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